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Bose slashes the price on factory-renewed Bose Solo 5 TV sound system

Whether you’re snapping up an awesome deal on a 4K TV or re-directing your 401(K) funding for gaming glory with an 8K TV, you need a soundbar. TV manufacturers can only go so far with virtual speakers and surround sound variations. If you want audio quality that complements the on-screen content of 4K TVs and above, hook up a good soundbar for fully immersive entertainment.

Soundbar prices can reach their own atmospheric levels if you’re not careful, so we keep our eyes and ears open for the best deals to save you the effort. Bose just dropped an outstanding deal on a factory-renewed Bose 5 TV sound system with the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this versatile one-piece sound system.

The Bose Solo 5 TV sound system measures 2.6 inches high by 21.6 inches wide by 3.4 inches deep. You connect your TV to the sound system with a single cable plugged into one of three input jacks: Optical digital audio, coaxial digital audio, or analog 3.5-mm Aux jack. The Solo 5 recognizes which cable you use automatically, and that’s it for setup. Bose recommends an optical audio connection for the best sound quality and includes an optical audio cable in the box.

In addition to hooking to your TV, the Solo 5 also connects via Bluetooth so you can stream music directly to the speaker from a smartphone or tablet.

The Bose Solo 5 TV includes a universal remote control that works with Blu-Ray Disc players, gaming systems, cable and satellite boxes, and Bluetooth connections. You can boost or diminish bass intensity to your preference separately from the volume level. There’s also a dialogue mode button that clarifies the mid-range voice audio to make it easier to understand what the characters are saying on-screen.

Normally priced at $200 new and $130 for factory-renewed units, the factory-renewed Bose Solo 5 TV sound system is just $100 during this sale. Bose factory renewed products are inspected, tested, and serviced to meet Bose original quality standards. Bose also examines the product’s appearance and backs it with the same warranty as new products. If you want to upgrade your TV’s audio, take advantage of this rare opportunity. New and renewed Bose Solo 5 TV sounds systems are also available on Amazon.

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