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Save $80 with this 27-inch monitor deal at Dell

The 27-inch Dell S2721H monitor with a nature scene on the screen.

If you’ve chosen to go with Dell’s desktop computer deals instead of Dell laptop deals, you’ll also want to purchase a Dell monitor from the currently available desktop monitor deals. You won’t be able to maximize your upgraded machine if you stick with a display that won’t give justice to the new computer’s processing power. Fortunately, the Dell S2721H is currently on sale with an $80 discount, bringing the monitor’s price down to just $240 from its original price of $320.

The Dell S2721H features a 27-inch screen with Full HD resolution, with the display looking even bigger with ultra-thin bezels on three sides. If you’re planning to play games on the monitor, it supports AMD’s FreeSync technology for tear-free gaming, with a refresh rate of 75Hz for smooth images, even during action-packed scenes. There are two HDMI ports at the back of the Dell S2721H, so you can connect your CPU and a gaming console at the same time for easy switching between them.

In addition to superb displays, Digital Trends’ best monitors for 2021 offer stylish designs. The Dell S2721H follows this trend with modern lines and a subtle textured pattern at the back giving the desktop monitor a unique look. Meanwhile, its flicker-free screen is equipped with Dell’s ComfortView feature, which reduces blue light emissions that may make your eyes comfortable and cause damage.

If you’ve spent most of your budget on upgrading your desktop computer, you can still buy an improved monitor with Dell’s discount for the Dell S2721H. The 27-inch monitor is available for just $240, after an $80 discount to its original price of $320. It’s unclear how long the deal will last, so if you’re already looking forward to pairing your new CPU with the Dell S2721H, don’t hesitate. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can, before other shoppers snap up all the stocks.

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