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Dell XPS 13 laptop gets major price cut during Labor Day sales

Person sitting and holding Dell XPS 13 laptop on their lap.

Dell’s most popular laptop is on sale again. Labor Day is a fantastic holiday for tech deals, and laptops are no exception. Dell has been holding out on us recently, with only minor Dell XPS deals over the past month or so. But it seems like they were just waiting for the Labor Day sales to bring out the big guns. Right now you can get a Dell XPS 13 laptop for $250 off the sticker price—they’re only $1,150, down from $1,400. This deal will either end tonight or sell out early, so jump on it soon!

The Dell XPS 13 laptop has a 13.3-inch touchscreen with an incredibly thin bezel around each side. The display is Full HD at 1080p, so videos and pictures will be crisp and clear. Where the XPS 13 shines is in its speed and smoothness. 16GB of memory makes booting up super fast. Running multiple apps at once won’t slow you down. The 11th-gen Intel Core i7 processor can tackle heavy use without stuttering. While performance is important, sometimes it’s the added bonuses that set a laptop apart. The XPS 13 has plenty of bells and whistles, like a fingerprint sensor and voice activation.

If convenience is your biggest focus, the XPS will deliver. It’s an extremely light laptop at just 2.6 pounds. When closed, the XPS 13 is just over half an inch thick, which is about as small as you can go while keeping your standard USB-C ports and headphone jacks. It will easily fit into any backpack and weighs less than your average college textbook. Its frame is solid and durable (but still light), so you don’t have to worry about breaking it while it’s in your bag.

This deal is not guaranteed to last even through all of Labor Day, so jump on it quick. A $250 discount on Dell’s most popular laptop is not something you want to skip out on. Right now you can get the Dell XPS 13 laptop for only $1,150, significantly cheaper than its usual $1,400 sticker price. Hurry while it’s still available!

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