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Start 2020 off right with a Disney+ Bundle subscription

The Disney+ Bundle was the best deal in streaming we saw in 2019, and there’s a chance it will wear that crown for 2020, too. After all, where else can you find access to three must-have streaming services for just $13 per month? — three dollars cheaper than a subscription to Netflix Premium, and $5 less per month than it would cost to subscribe to the trio individually.

So if Netflix isn’t cutting it for you or you simply want to broaden your streaming horizons, the Disney+ Bundle is unbeatable value. There’s something for everyone, too: Disney+ is bound to keep the kids entertained for hours on end; ESPN+ is there for tuning into the latest sporting events in real time; and there’s Hulu for keeping up with must-see network shows.

Can’t see the value? We’ll break it down: Disney+ costs $7 per month, ESPN+ renews at $5 per month, and Hulu is set at $6 per month. Clump this together and the total comes in at $18 per month. But take advantage of the Disney+ Bundle and it’ll set you back only $13 per month. That’s a difference of $5 per month, so you’re essentially getting ESPN+ thrown in for free.

Launched in November, Disney+ is an on-demand streaming service from Disney that’s home to a multitude of exclusive content —  headlined by every episode of The Simpsons aired to date — and almost every movie in the picture house’s expansive collection, including Big Hero 6, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Pinocchio, Toy Story, and nearly every Star Wars film.

Then we have Hulu, which is home to hundreds of network shows, blockbuster movies, and Hulu originals; while ESPN+ is a portal to thousands of live sporting events from the likes of the FA Cup, MLB, NBA, NHL, and UFC Fight Night. So in a nutshell, the Disney+ Bundle covers the two major bases: Both entertainment and sports (as we said, something for everyone).

But what if it’s a question of the Disney+ Bundle or Netflix? Well, if you’re a huge sporting fan and have youngsters in the family, the advantage goes to the Disney+ Bundle. It’s the best value for money, offering access to three totally different selections of content, with ESPN+ being the dealmaker. Not interested in sports? Opt for Disney+, sans Bundle, and Netflix instead.

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