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Amazon drops $80 off the Ecovacs Deebot 661, a robot vacuum that also mops

There are so many robot vacuums out in the market that it’s simply hard to decide which one to pick. Manufacturers have to make sure that each of their offerings will be able to stand out. That’s why Ecovacs came up with the Deebot 661. What makes this robot vacuum unique? Well, not only does it vacuum, but it also mops! This practical little hybrid promises that you’ll save time and energy you’re better off spending on the more important stuff. But the pivotal question is, how well does it work? Read on to find out. Right now, the Ecovacs Deebot 661 is available on Amazon for a cool $80 off. Get this vacuum/mop crossbreed for $320 instead of $400.

At first glance, the Ecovacs Deebot 661 looks like any other robot vacuum. It has the same puck design, which allows it to clean dirt from under the furniture and other hard-to-reach places. But unlike other robot vacuums, the detachable dust bin of the Deebot 661 can be taken out so you can put in the water tank. This simple and effective design converts it from a vacuum to a mop, and vice versa.

Let’s talk about its vacuuming prowess first. The Deebot 661’s suction is powerful enough for any type of mess. Using the smartphone app or Alexa, you can take control of the robot to do the cleaning by activating three cleaning modes, which work for both vacuuming and mopping modes. Choose “Auto Mode” for it to rely on its sensors to move around your home freely. This is the most basic mode with the least amount of suction/mopping power and is ideal for a quick clean of your entire home. “Spot Mode” makes the robot focus on a particular area for a more vigorous clean. Finally, “Edge Mode” allows the robot to target the edges and corners of your house where dust and dirt stubbornly collects.

Onto the main event: The Deebot 661’s mopping capability. We’re happy to report that it’s actually pretty good. Not as good as a steam mop or any high-powered mop, but if you just need something for removing surface stains, it works wonderfully well. Simply fill up the water tank, pour in some cleaning solution, and Deebot 661 will take care of the rest. We must mention though that it isn’t mind-blowing when dealing with deep-seated stains. For that, you still have to use a regular mop, some detergent, maybe even a brush.

When fully charged, expect the Deebot 661 to clean for approximately 110 minutes, depending on the intensity setting. If it’s about to run out of power, it will return to its charging dock by itself to do even more cleaning.

The Evovacs Deebot 661 as a vacuum cleaner is excellent. As a mop, it’s quite good, but not powerful enough for exceptionally tough and dense stains. It’s worth noting that Amazon customers were so impressed with it that it earned a perfect 5 stars rating. Get yours today for the very reasonable price of $300.

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