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Take advantage of this GameStop trade-in deal and upgrade to a PS5 for less

A PlayStation 5 system standing upright.

This content was produced in partnership with GameStop.

As you may know, GameStop allows you to trade in old consoles and games that you’re not using anymore for store credit, which eventually goes toward the purchase of new gear. It’s an excellent way to save some money if you’re upgrading to a new console, such as a PlayStation 5, for example. Every once in a while, they run a promotion where you can get a little extra to put toward a new purchase. Well, right now that’s exactly what’s happening. From now until when the sale ends on October 8, in-store when you trade in your old PS4 console, you’ll get an extra $25 to apply to a purchase of a PS5, allowing you to upgrade to the latest console for less.

With coming in November, joining many other PlayStation-exclusive titles that are already available, now’s a good time to jump into the ecosystem and experience some of these games. Normally, a pre-owned PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will set you back $360, while a pre-owned PlayStation 5 with a disc drive would set you back $460. But those are the prices for just the console alone, not any of the bundles that include games. With this current offer, you can get either version of the PS5 console for even less — dropping $25 off the full price. You can also get a $10 reward , to use toward the purchase of a new console. All told, it’s a great opportunity to get a discounted price on a console that’s been tough to find, and tough to find any deals for. Hit up the offer page below, or keep reading for a few more details!

Why pay full price for a new PS5 when you don’t have to? You can trade in your old PS4 and get a cool $25 off the regular price of your new console. The offer is only available in-store, however, so you’ll have to visit to take advantage of the deal. That said, you can still do some shopping online, particularly browsing to see what games you’d like to get so you can test out your new console!

The PlayStation 5 features an all-new ultra-high-speed solid-state drive that allows for incredibly fast loading times when playing games, and even jumping into activities from the dashboard. Plus, you get 4K gaming up to 120 frames per second with a 120Hz output — PS5 even supports 8K output for select titles. The new controllers are redesigned to deliver unique haptic feedback during play, and adaptive triggers that simulate immersive experiences like the draw of a bow and more. Tempest 3D Audio delivers never-before-heard soundscapes that feel as if enemies and characters are coming from every direction. You can also hook up PlayStation headphones, or any kind of headphones, really, to get the same isolated audio experiences without disturbing anyone around you — like your sleeping spouse or children.

Altogether, it’s an excellent gaming experience, and the games are just out of this world. If you don’t have one already, head to a GameStop to grab this deal and get your new PlayStation 5 for less.

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