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Stream your shows anywhere with a Getflix lifetime subscription for just $39

Getflix lifetime subscription
Streaming services like Netflix provide convenience and flexibility when it comes to watching on the go, but geographical restrictions can get in the way of your binge-watching in certain locations. Enter Getflix, a handy workaround that bypasses these restrictions so you can enjoy your entertainment virtually anywhere. Even better? You can now snag a Getflix lifetime subscription for just $39 from the DT Shop.

If you’ve traveled out of the country and have tried to access your entertainment library overseas, you may have run into problems. This happens because many streaming apps and channels lock content based on your location, due to copyright laws and other factors that vary from country to country. Getflix gets around this annoying problem by routing your connection through one of their more than 50 Smart DNS relays, similar to how a virtual private network tunnels your connection through a remote server. Getflix works even faster than a VPN by only channeling the traffic necessary to bypass the regional restrictions on affected content, rather than rerouting your entire connection.

Getflix is compatible with virtually all of your devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs and gaming consoles. The service works with more than 200 channels and streaming services as well, including your faves like Netflux, Hulu, Vudu, and Amazon. Here’s the complete list of available channels and services.

A normal direct subscription costs $5 per month, but you can get a Getflix lifetime subscription now from the DT Shop for just $39 to access your shows, movies, music, and more from almost anywhere without those annoying recurring fees. This package also includes the option to set up a free SmartVPN account to offer some extra online security.

$39 from the DT Shop

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