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This top-rated pulse oximeter is heavily discounted, because why not?

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Pulse oximeters, which are growing in popularity among athletes and fitness enthusiasts, are non-invasive devices that measure blood oxygen levels — how much oxygen there is in your blood and how well it is transported to your body’s extremities. If you are in the market for one, Amazon is offering a post-Prime Day deal for the highly rated Innovo Deluxe iP900AP fingertip pulse oximeter, which slashes the device’s price by $11, taking it down to $32 from $43.

Measuring blood oxygen levels, as enabled by the Innovo Deluxe iP900AP fingertip pulse oximeter, helps athletes ensure that their body maintains peak performance during workouts. However, the regular household may also benefit from the device, which has an average rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon after more than 7,000 ratings. It makes sure that everyone’s blood oxygen saturation rate is normal, especially during a time when breathing may be impaired by improper face masks.

The Innovo Deluxe iP900AP fingertip pulse oximeter comes with two standout features, namely the Plethysmograph and the Perfusion Index. The Plethysmograph checks if your heartbeat is consistent enough so that a proper reading will be carried out, while the Perfusion Index determines if your hands are too cold or the device is wrongly placed, which will affect the reading’s reliability. Additionally, you can make the device alert you if your blood oxygen and pulse rate go beyond the limits that you set.

For a device that does a lot of things, the Innovo Deluxe iP900AP fingertip pulse oximeter is actually very easy to use. It only requires a pair of AAA batteries to start functioning, without the need for any complicated set-ups. All you have to do is to clip it on your fingertip, and it will do the rest.

Pulse oximeters may not yet be as popular as blood pressure monitors in regular households, but families should consider purchasing one for their home as it provides additional information to help make sure that everyone is healthy. The Innovo Deluxe iP900AP fingertip pulse oximeter is one of the best options available, and with an $11 discount in a post-Prime Day offer, you should take advantage of its lowered price to $32 from $43. There’s no telling how long the offer on Amazon will last, so you shouldn’t hesitate in making that purchase.

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