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Best Buy is practically handing out air fryers – save 60% right now

Insignia - 3.4qt Digital Air Fryer on sale at Best Buy

Best Buy is keeping true to its namesake, currently offering one of the best deals we’ve seen for the Insignia 3.4 quart Digital Air Fryer. Originally priced at $100, this digital air fryer is currently marked down to $40, truly a “best” buy with a savings of $60. If you’re looking for a cleaner way to feed your friends on game day or want an easier way to cook your fried foods, discounts like this don’t hang around long, so make a play quickly to get this digital air fryer in your kitchen.

With digital air fryers, technology has finally moved us past the days of messy frying. The 3.4 quart digital air fryer from Insignia circulates hot air to fry food, with little or no need for cooking oil, and keeping your food frying from becoming a greasy mess. The Insignia digital air fryer maintains a small footprint, fitting nicely onto your countertop whether you want it around for entertaining others, for making your weekend meal prep more efficient, or for bringing a healthier way to preparing fried foods into your household.

The Insignia Digital Air Fryer has a temperature range of 180 to 400 degrees, making it a versatile option and capable of cooking a full range of foods. You can start building out your smart kitchen with this digital air fryer, as the touchscreen functionality brings frying into the modern age, and provides a pre-programmed menu for all sorts of popular foods. When you’re finished cooking, what little mess you’ve made is easy to handle, as the Insignia digital air fryer is safe for your dishwasher, and at 60% off, it’s safe for your wallet, too.

Regularly priced at $100 and currently discounted to $40, the Insignia 3.4 quart Digital Air Fryer offers an amazing savings of $60, so there’s no way inventory is going to last long. Head over to Best Buy now to claim one for your kitchen.

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