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Amazon drops great deals on these iRobot Roomba robot vacuums

Staying on top of daily housework can be demanding to the point that it even chews through all of your free time. While it’s impossible to get rid of all those chores, you can at least take some burden off your shoulders by purchasing a robot vacuum. This little helper not only saves you effort and much-needed time; it also has the built-in smart tech which ensures more thorough and efficient cleaning of your floors.

When you think robot vacuums, the iRobot brand is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Its Roomba line offers great and powerful models, covering varying specifications at about every price range. We’ve rounded up here three iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaners in different price points, all of which are discounted on Amazon for as much as $201 off. Get home to cleaner floors every day by jumping on these Roomba deals.

iRobot Roomba i7+ – $799 ($201 off)

Modern robot vacuums have truly taken floor cleaning to a whole new level. The latest models can even be controlled hands-free and automatically empty themselves. Take for instance the Roomba i7+. This high-end model comes with an automatic dirt disposal that eliminates the need for you to empty the dust bin when it’s full or after every clean. With this feature, the captured dust and debris are neatly deposited into the enclosed bag with enough capacity for a maximum of 30 cleans. It also boasts the smart charge technology which lets the robot recharge and resume cleaning automatically until the job is complete.

Similar to most models, the robot in the i7+ uses a patented three-stage system in cleaning a variety of surfaces. This system features dual multi-surface brushes which are responsible for dislodging dirt for a deeper clean, a cleaning head that automatically adjusts to keep the brushes and the surface in close contact, and the powerful lifting suction that efficiently picks up and traps messes.

What makes it beefier in cleaning performance, however, is the Imprint Smart Mapping. This tech uses sensors and cameras to guide the robot in learning the floor layout in each room. This way, you can easily choose what and when rooms are cleaned through the companion iRobot Home app. You can also opt to control it hands-free as it has support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


iRobot Roomba 960 – $449 ($201 off)

Something more affordable but definitely not skimpy on features is the Roomba 960. It hits the sweet spot between Roomba features and Roomba prices, making it one of our favorite Roomba models. Outfitted with an array of cutting-edge technologies, it makes an ideal choice even for households with pets.

The Roomba 960’s main power comes from its AeroForce three-stage cleaning system which consists of tangle-free multi-surface rubber brushes and strong suction. This system also provides five times more suction power than the entry-level 600 series, allowing for enhanced performance on both carpets and hard floors. A high-efficiency filter is also built in which is rated to trap 99% of even the finest of particles.

One of its more innovative features is the iAdapt 2.0 technology with vSLAM navigation. This helps the robot keep track of its location, resulting in seamless navigation around your home plus thorough coverage of all floors. Smart sensors are also present which aid the robot in roaming around furniture, all while keeping clear of bumps, drop-offs, and other obstacles. You can also set up no-go areas through the included virtual wall barrier if there are spots you’d want the robot to avoid. Set up cleaning schedules quickly through the companion app or control it through your voice with an Echo device.


iRobot Roomba 675 – $269 ($31 off)

If your budget can’t stretch to cover the cost of the i7+ or the 960, then check out the Roomba 675. This model is a great pick for homeowners looking for a solid yet affordable solution for their automated floor-cleaning needs. Its vacuuming process starts from the dual multi-surface brushes and edge-cleaning sweeping brush which loosen and lift hair, dust, and dirt from the floors. Debris is then captured into the suction channel, leaving the area clean and spotless.

This Roomba robot vacuum has a full suite of intelligent sensors which make for efficient navigation around your home. It can scurry under and around furniture seamlessly for complete floor coverage and can even provide intense cleaning on high-traffic zones and other spots where dirt is concentrated.

Its ability to connect to Wi-Fi makes it convenient for you to start cleaning or control the robot wherever you are. This is all done through the iRobot Home app, where you can also set regular schedules. When synced to a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device, you can even control it hands-free. The robot is estimated to provide 90 minutes of cleaning power before automatically going to the dock for a recharge.


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