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Walmart has this Lenovo Chromebook for only $159 today

Lenovo S330 Chromebook

With back-to-school days approaching, there could be no better time to investigate these Chromebook deals. Chromebooks provide cheap and effective solutions to everyday computing needs — at school, work, and at home — and right now at Walmart, you can get a 14-inch Lenovo S330 Chromebook for only $159. That’s not only a very low price, it’s $80 off its regular price of $239. What are you waiting for?

Can a laptop that costs less than $200 really take care of all your basic needs? Yes! The Lenovo S330 Chromebook, like the laptops on our list of the best Chromebooks, is designed to do just that. It runs on Chrome OS, which is essentially Google’s Chrome browser reimagined as an operating system. It’s a featherweight fighter, but that doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch. Because its core is so simple, it doesn’t require super heavyweight hardware components — and the result is a nimble little machine that can do everything you want (especially everyday tasks like browsing, streaming, word processing, and Slide presentations) quickly and efficiently.

As a processor, the Lenovo 81JW0001US Chromebook relies on the MediaTek MT8173c quad-core processor, backed up by 4GB of RAM. Now, if that number makes you balk, you’re still thinking in terms of the giant Windows and Apple laptops that require way more heft. Those 4GB are more than enough for your basic tasks, like chatting with your family and friends, browsing, watching Netflix, and light gaming. And the 32GB EMMc solid-state drive storage is plenty for handling the storage of your school and work docs. You can load up on apps from the Google Play store, and the big, beautiful, 14-inch HD display is a perfect size to make work or study less straining on the eyes.

Designed for speed and simplicity, this Lenovo Chromebook can carry you through any school or work day, especially with eight hours of battery life between charges. That’s an impressive charge for any laptop of any size. And the connectivity is full-on as well: There’s powerful Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1, as well as USB-C, microSD, and USB 3 connections. What can’t this laptop do? And at $80 off, grabbing this Lenovo Chromebook is a no-brainer.

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