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These fantastic LG, TCL, Samsung 4K TVs are on sale for less than $500

If you’re looking for an excellent 4K TV for your home theater, then Best Buy’has got you covered. These budget-friendly 4K TV deals on must-have models from LG, TCL, and Samsung come out to no more than $500, with savings of up to $70. So what are you waiting for? These offers won’t be around for long. 

43-inch LG 6 Series 4K TV — $250, was $270

The LG 6 Series 4K TV is the smallest option on our list with the most affordable price tag, practically making it a top priority for anyone living on a budget who doesn’t need the extra size. It delivers 3,840 x 2,160 resolution just the same as it would with a larger display and doesn’t compromise on the picture quality. Coupled with Active HDR technology and support for HDR 10 and HLG formats, the TV elevates each frame-by-frame instance for a great viewing experience with lucid detail work and digitally enhanced color accuracy. 

The IPS screen takes this a step further by providing wide viewing angles for consistent image quality from every position. Unlike other IPS TVs, however, this one has unusually weak brightness. This means that it remains somewhat dim in well-lit rooms. However, the threshold for illumination is still relatively higher than a sun-lit living room, so you won’t have much to worry about as long as you aren’t actively shining a light onto the TV. 

The LG 6 Series works with popular home platforms, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and HomeKit, for increased convenience and connectivity throughout the house. You also get access to a wide array of streaming services with Netflix and Hulu to name a few, so you can enjoy the benefits of the LG 6 Series for hours on end. Sound quality isn’t bad either with its DTS-HD surround sound speakers, so you can opt-out of an external sound system and use the three available HDMI ports for other purposes and devices. 

If your home entertainment setup has just enough room for this budget-friendly 4K TV, you can check it out on Best Buy where it’s currently on sale for $250.


55-inch TCL 5 Series 4K TV — $350, was $400

With the largest jump in size on our list, the TCL 5 Series 4K TV — with a 55-inch display — is at an optimal size for most living room setups, with just enough viewing breadth for end-to-end couch coverage. It produces images in 3,840 x 2,160 resolution for stunning cinematic quality, just as you’d expect from a TV of such caliber; and together with its Dolby Vision and HDR 10 compatibility, the TCL 5 Series keeps the bar raised all throughout your TV or film-viewing. Every detail that would have otherwise been obscure at lower resolutions is brought to light in marvelous high definition and superb color accuracy. 

However, it uses a VA display, which isn’t bad by any means. In exchange for narrow viewing angles, the TCL 5 Series boasts powerful contrasts for increased color vibrancy and a more expressive color gamut with any color imbalances immediately adjusted with TCL’s built-in iPQ engine. And unlike average VA screens, this TV can achieve satisfactory brightness even in well-lit rooms, making it decent for noontime broadcasts. 

With Roku TV’s platform, you’ll also be provided with a myriad of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO NOW that’ll definitely paralyze you for choice. The TCL 5 Series also has four HDMI ports, so you’re never out of room for external devices. And you won’t need to spend a cent for external speakers because this TV already comes with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound speakers built-in for immersive sound. 

If you want a great budget-friendly 4K TV that isn’t as small as the LG 6 Series, then the TCL 5 Series 4K TV ticks both those boxes and then some. You can check it out on Best Buy where it’s on sale for $350, letting you save $50 off.


58-inch Samsung 6 Series 4K TV — $380, was $430

The third on our roundup is Samsung’s 6 Series 4K TV with multiple proprietary features that enable it to stand out from the pack. Despite only being three inches larger than the TCL 5 Series, the $30 increase is undoubtedly more than justified. Its 3,840 x 2,160 resolution allows viewers to enjoy their media at their most commercially-accessible cinematic quality, which — even at its 58-inch size — doesn’t suffer from the usual problem that comes with a smaller TV’s resolution being stretched out. 

It’s also equipped with HDR 10+ compatibility, so while it might be limited to specific media content, it enhances said videos and transforms them into cinematic marvels with full visibility over every detail and intense contrasts. They’re only further augmented by Samsung’s PurColor technology that adds a vibrant tinge of raw color to each pixel for an evocative viewing experience where images come to life on-screen. The Samsung 6 Series uses the brand’s own Smart TV platform that you can then connect to your smart home’s Alexa or Google Assistant for unbeatable convenience. 

You also get an expansive array of streaming services to choose from with all-time favorites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more, so you’re never starved for content. And you can enjoy it all with the built-in Dolby Digital Plus surround sound speakers for the full audio-visual experience that never ceases to entertain. If you have your own external devices containing your content, this TV also has three HDMI ports that eliminate the need for you to constantly unplug just to connect something else. 

You can check out the Samsung 6 Series 4K TV on Best Buy where it’s currently on sale for $50 off its retail price, leaving it a more-than-affordable $380.


65-inch LG UM6900PUA Series 4K TV — $480, was $550

The LG UM6900PUA is large and in-charge, being a 65-inch television that can fill a room and be one of the closest things to a full-blown cinema screen for under $500. It comes with the industry-leading 3,840 x 2,160 resolution for terrific picture quality, no matter what you’re watching — whether it’s movies, TV shows, or broadcasts. This is emphasized by the built-in support for HDR 10 and HLG technology, which allows you to see the whole picture, from the most prominent images to the most minute details in every light setting.

Because it’s an IPS display, you’ll also be getting the widest viewing angles available, so you can seat yourself anywhere you’d like and still get the same view without any desaturation or pixelation. However, the LG UM6900PUA shares the same brightness problem as the 43-inch model wherein it can only get so bright before it’s unable to keep up with external light. This is only a trivial matter though as the average living room lacks enough light sources to dampen the TV’s image quality. 

Outside its viewing capabilities, the LG UM6900PUA can also be paired with Apple HomeKit, making it an ideal television for Apple users for added convenience. And with the sheer volume of streaming services available to you, from Netflix to Disney+, for every show you finish, there will always be ten more lined up. Lastly, for the pièce de résistance, the TV comes with support for surround sound with its DTS-HD speakers that complete the all-around cinematic package with high fidelity sound. With three HDMI ports for external device connectivity, there’s nothing more you could want. 

If you want a plus-sized 4K TV without the usual bloated price tag that comes with it, you can check out the LG UM6900PUA 4K TV on Best Buy where it’s currently on sale for $480 — giving you a whole $70 in savings.


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