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Amazon cuts 35% off and adds a coupon for this Logitech smart home hub

Smart home technology made more people’s lives easier by enabling the remote management of machines and systems such as lighting, heating, and entertainment devices. But, if get confused at times about which app or remote to use on a specific device, especially if most of your appliances are smart-home-enabled, a smart home hub comes in handy. A smart home hub is needed to connect and control almost all of our smart devices in one gadget.

The Logitech Harmony Hub is one of the most solid smart home hubs on the market, and it works with Alexa to give you the advantage of voice command. Normally priced at $100, Amazon cuts 35% off its price so you can now acquire this smart hub for only $65.

The Harmony Hub can combine up to 8 remotes and countless apps into one easy-to-use smartphone app. It links to devices with Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with both iOS or Android, allowing you to turn just about any smartphone or tablet into a smart home remote control. It also supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant for voice commands, so there’s no need to worry about which virtual assistants you’re already using.

This smart hub is suitable for anyone who’d want to have a better home entertainment experience. You can get your TV, speakers, lighting, blinds, and more to work at the same time with just one touch, thanks to its preset Welcome Home and Date Night feature. You can also set custom schedules for your multiple devices to turn on automatically, leaving you the hassle of switching each of them every time.

The Harmony Hub runs with top entertainment devices, like the Apple TV, Roku, or Sonos. It can even control devices behind closed cabinets and access online services like Netflix and Hulu on your Xbox One or PlayStation3. It manages your devices by sending commands using IR, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi wireless signals. You just need to set it up first online either via computer or right from your smartphone or tablet.

The Logitech Harmony Hub is a great upgrade to your smart home devices. It is a recommended addition to enable you to control everything seamlessly and without clutter. Order yours now for only $65, as Amazon drops $35 from its normal price of $100.

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