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Upgrading your home theater? Amazon discounts this Megacra soundbar to $70

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You should never settle for the mediocre sound that your home TV provides. Even the latest smart TVs, although exorbitantly priced, don’t offer quality audio output from their built-in speakers. You should get yourself a soundbar. While most soundbars, too, are exorbitantly priced, there are countless others available that are being sold for less than $100 but provide almost the same audio performance as their high-end counterparts.

A genuine bang-for-your-buck example is the Megacra Soundbar, which has earned an excellent 4.1 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. This soundbar normally costs $100, but right now you can get it for $30 less. Upgrade your home theater setup for just $70.

The Megacra soundbar measures 38 inches across and looks exactly like most soundbars: Long, slim, and black, which will nicely complement your TV. The sides have a black metallic finish with streaks that look understated and chic, while the front is covered in felt. Appearance-wise, the soundbar doesn’t scream cheap by any means. All its buttons are found on the right side, including the power button, the volume control buttons, and the play/pause button if you’re playing music via Bluetooth connection (yes, it supports Bluetooth).  It weighs a mere 7.9 pounds and you can place it underneath your TV or mount it on your wall using the two brackets included, whichever you prefer.

This 80-watt, 2.0 channel audio soundbar is outfitted with six high-quality speakers and two bass reflex tubes inside, all working together to deliver fully immersive, crystal clear sound that doesn’t get distorted even at maximum volume. A fine-tuned DSP (digital signal processor) ensures that the audio presented has rousing highs and deep lows. Meanwhile, the dual “TA” amplifiers power the speakers and make sure that the audio output doesn’t get distorted regardless of loudness. Using the remote, you can adjust the bass and treble levels to your liking.

The ports found at the back are extensive. You can connect the soundbar to your TV via optical, coaxial, or RCA. It also has a USB port and the power port where you plug the detachable adapter. It doesn’t support HDMI connection, which is a shame, but for the price point, it’s forgivable.

With built-in Bluetooth 4.0, you can wirelessly stream music from Spotify or other audio streaming platforms. Simply connect your Bluetooth-enabled device such as your smartphone and make sure you are within the 33-foot range.

The Megacra 38-inch soundbar has received a lot of praise from Amazon customers. Users noted that the bar sounds very good for such a budget-friendly price, a true value for your money. On the negative side, the IR sensor in the remote also controls the TV, which one user found annoying (another user mentioned that it controls his aquarium lights as well). Another nuisance is its auto-off feature. If it’s not receiving any audio signal from the TV, it will automatically shut down. That’s a great power-saving feature but turning the soundbar on manually every single time is cumbersome.

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