Best Memorial Day smart mattress sales from Sleep Number, Beautyrest, and more

Everything around us appears to be “smart” now; smartphones, smart light bulbs, smart doorbells. As we move toward having fully automated smart homes, one smart device is hard to ignore: the smart mattress. With so many Memorial Day sales going on right now, these more advanced beds are definitely worth looking into.

Perhaps the most well-known smart mattress is the Sleep Number mattress, which lets you adjust the firmness on both sides and tracks your sleep quality through your smartphone. But Sleep Number isn’t alone in the business; NordicTrack, Eight Sleep and Beautyrest, among others, offer smart beds as well.

If your automated home is missing a smart mattress, there are few times throughout the year better than now to pick one up. We’ve put together a list of some of the best Memorial Day mattress sales in the smart bed industry.

Sleep Number

Sleep Number It Bed review

Ending May 27, Sleep Number is taking hundreds of dollars off its most popular smart mattresses, each giving you the ability to track your sleep with the SleepIQ app and adjust the bed to your and your partner’s liking. Sleep Number’s most luxurious option with a price tag to match, the Sleep Number 360 i10 is discounted $700. Visit Sleep Number’s site to check out the full range of deals.

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Eight Sleep

eight smart mattress sleep coach

Eight Sleep’s Memorial Day sale, which runs through May 28, offers $200 off The Pod and smart bed mattresses. The Pod also comes with free in-home delivery, so you could be looking at hundreds of dollars of savings. Eight Sleep’s mattresses have built-in sleep tracking technology, sent straight to your phone, and temperature control on both sides of your mattress. If your partner turns into a human space heater at night or you often find yourself piling on more blankets, this is an ideal choice.

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2017 home awards beautyrest sleeptracker

Though Beautyrest’s mattresses don’t have smart technology built-in, this Memorial Day you can turn your mattress into a smart mattress. Through June 3, you can save up to $800 on a mattress, and you get a free Beautyrest Sleeptracker with every mattress. The Beautytracker sits under your mattress while you sleep and monitors your breathing, heart rate, sleep cycles, and any interruptions throughout the night, sending all the information to your phone.

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The Benefits of a Smart Mattress

Now you’ve got a good idea of what you can save on smart mattresses this Memorial Day. Still, smart mattresses aren’t cheap when compared to their traditional counterparts, so why should you invest in them? Here are just a few reasons:

  • They can help you become more aware of your sleep habits. We often wake up groggy, sore, or just like we haven’t slept at all, without having a clue why. With a smart mattress, you can check your app and see exactly where things went wrong and adjust accordingly. Were you waking up throughout the night? Tossing and turning? Snoring? The app tells all.
  • They can save your sanity in the summer. It’s 3 a.m. on a Tuesday in July. You wake up parched, gasping for air with your sheets stuck to your back. The temperature in your room is sitting somewhere around the core of the sun. If you have a traditional mattress, all you can really do is chug ice water, crank the AC and pray to get a few hours of sleep before work. With a smart mattress, your bed will be able to tell when you’re heating up and adjust, keeping you asleep and blissfully unaware of rising temperatures around you.
  • They can save your relationship. Your partner wants to feel as if they’re sleeping on a cloud. Your back and shoulders only tolerate the firmest of mattresses. Best case scenario with a traditional mattress, you’re both slightly annoyed by the compromise. Worst case scenario, you wake up miserable with a stiff neck, achy back, and tight shoulders. A smart mattress will let you harmoniously co-sleep without compromise; you’ll both get what you want out of your mattress.
  • They’re the next step toward a full smart home. Let’s be honest, having a fully automated smart home is just plain cool. Just as it’s interesting to check out your heart rate throughout the day on your smartwatch, it’s fascinating to have your bed tell you how you slept, how long you were in a deep sleep, and how often you woke up.

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