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Monopoly-themed gifts for the board game enthusiast in your life

Monopoly is one of those games that almost everyone has a fun memory of playing. While we all likely started playing as a thimble or race car on a quest to own Boardwalk and Park Place, there are now a number of other versions of the iconic game out there that are worth a look. If you’re on the hunt of a gift for the Monopoly enthusiast in your life, here are a few unique iterations that offer an exciting new spin on the traditional game. You can even download Monopoly on your device these days.

Ms. Monopoly — $16

Ms. Monopoly touts itself as “The first game where women make more than men.” Instead of collecting property, players buy things like Wi-Fi, chocolate chip cookies, and bulletproof vests that wouldn’t exist without women. The game introduces a new Ms. Monopoly character, and also starts female players off at a bit of an advantage by giving them a higher payout at the beginning of the game as well as more money when they pass Go.

Monopoly Voice Banking — $22

Is the Monopoly banker in your house maybe not entirely on the up-and-up? Monopoly Voice Banking puts the banking responsibilities in the hands of Mr. Monopoly himself. Players handle things like paying rent and buying and trading properties using voice controls rather than paper money. Since Mr. Monopoly handles all the math, you can focus on what’s important: Winning!

Monopoly for Millennials — $16

Instead of collecting cash, Monopoly for Millennials players travel around the board trying to have the most experiences. Game tiles include hip new restaurants, stores, and relaxation spots. Instead of rent, when a player lands on a tile owned by another player they “visit” and earn experience points. Destinations on the board include spots like a week-long meditation retreat and a vegan bistro.

Monopoly: Cheaters Edition — $13

Have someone in your home known for cheating at board games? Monopoly Cheaters Edition was made with them in mind. Cards within the game encourage players to “express their inner cheater.” Cheating involves everything from skipping out on paying rent to stealing cash from the bank. When you successfully pull off a cheat, you win a reward, If you fail you have to pay the consequences, one of which is being literally handcuffed to the board.

Monopoly Pizza Themed Board Game — $26

Spice up game night with this pizza-themed version of Monopoly that even comes in a pizza box. Players travel around the board as things like a cheese grater, pizza chef, or delivery bike attempting to collect as many slices of pizza as they can. At the end of the game, the player with the most pizza wins!

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