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Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Amazon Alexa currently $100 off

Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Amazon Alexa
It’s fairly easy to connect with others no matter where they are these days, but sometimes that means putting a cell phone in the hand of a three-year-old child, yelling across your home, or other similar tactics that don’t make much sense. Instead of losing your voice yelling three floors down or entrusting a $700 gadget to a child, you can connect with those who matter to you using a smart intercom system, such as the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Amazon Alexa, currently marked down to $149 Amazon, giving you a savings of $100.

The Nucleus Anywhere is marketed as a family communication device that connects you with the people you love no matter how close or far away they are — meaning they can be just a few steps away downstairs or as far away as across the country. The smart intercom is designed “with kids and Grandma in mind” and thus is intuitive and easy to use, requiring you simply tap a button to instantly feel like you are in the same room as your loved ones regardless of where they are.

The device allows you to make calls in three ways: From room to room, from home to home, or from mobile to home. Using the free companion app for Android and iOS devices, you’ll get sound and a push notification when someone tries to reach you. A network of privacy settings limit who can call whom. When setting it up, you place people in either the home users or remote users category. The remote category is essentially a privacy mode, and those in that category don’t have the option of getting their calls automatically answered.

The video calling gadget has an 8-inch, 1,280-by-800-pixel touchscreen, along with stereo speakers, a microphone, and a 5-megapixel, 120-degree wide-angle camera. It can be used as a stationary device or a portable one you take with you, as it can be installed on the wall like a traditional intercom, or prompt up on a flat surface like a picture frame. Operate the device using on-screen controls which are shown at the bottom of the display.

In addition to Alexa integration, there’s a dedicated Alexa button, which allows the Nucleus do anything the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot can do. There’s also integration with Philips Hue so you can also use it as a smart home controller for smart lighting. The Nucleus Anywhere is a Wi-Fi-connected device that can be used via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Power over Ethernet.

The Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Amazon Alexa normally retails for $249 but is currently available for $140 on Amazon, giving you a 40-percent or $100 discount.

$140 on Amazon

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