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Here’s your chance to win ultra comfortable Oladance OWS open-ear headphones

This content was produced in partnership with Oladance.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, you should get familiar with Oladance and its cozy, open-ear headphones that feel great, offer exceptional sound quality, but also won’t damage your ears or cause hearing loss because of where they sit — just on the outside of your ears. You can read more about them in our Oladance OWS headphones feature. But before you go, perhaps you’d like some more exciting news? If these headphones look awesome to you, but maybe you don’t have the money to get some or you’re leery of doing so, now’s your chance to win them for free. Yes, you read that correctly: Oladance is offering a giveaway, meaning you have a chance to win a pair of its brand new, shiny, OWS open-ear headphones. You can sign up below, or keep reading for more of the finer details!

What is the Oladance OWS headphones giveaway?

Oladance OWS open ear headphones shown up close and worn.

The giveaway is your opportunity to win a pair of Oladance OWS open-ear headphones for completely free. All you have to do is opt in to the giveaway requirements and sign up. The entry period will run from July 21, 2022, at 3 p.m. PT until September 15, 2022, at 3 p.m. PT. After that, the winner will be chosen within 48 hours, and the product will be sent out within three days following the winner announcement.

What are the Oladance OWS headphones?

Oladance OWS open-ear headphones worn during workout.

The Oladance Wearable Stereo open-ear headphones and wireless earbuds were crowned the winner of the Red Dot Award in 2022 because of their intelligent and cozy design. They fit comfortably on the outside of the ear — not inside like conventional earbuds — to offer a safer and healthier listening experience. Even though they rest outside of the ear, there’s no negative impact on sound quality. You’ll get crystal clear highs, booming lows, and punchy bass, just as you might expect from some of the most expensive headphones on the market. There’s no quality compromise here.

The open-ear design also presents some unique scenarios you won’t get with other comparable earbuds or headsets. Two powerful 16.5mm drivers deliver superior acoustic sound, but thanks to the design, you can avoid hearing damage. You’re also still in tune with your environment, so you can still hear and remain responsive to your friends or family while wearing them, even if your music is on a loud volume. That’s also important if you’re spending time outdoors cycling or running because you remain aware of traffic and nearby events. You’re never too distracted by the audio stream. And when you’re running or active, a five-point support fit system keeps them firmly in place, while the skin-friendly silicone is soft and comfortable.

They are IPX4 water and sweatproof, so they’re protected against the elements, even the rain. Smart touch controls allow you to skip tracks, adjust volume, and pause music quickly and easily. Moreover, you can take calls and access your phone-native voice assistant from the headphones.

If you don’t want to wait around for the giveaway, you can always grab a pair right now.

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Bear in mind that, while the giveaway is being hosted on Digital Trends, the company (Oladance) is responsible for choosing and compensating the winner.

Oladance Giveaway

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