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Qustodio drops prices 10% on premium parental control software plans

Kids can be hard enough to keep tabs on in real life, and the pervasiveness of smartphones among offspring has parents especially worried over their children’s content consumption. Thankfully, a plethora of parental control options exist, from free software to monthly or annual pay-per-device plans. Qustodio offers both, and ahead of Memorial Day, they’re offering a 10% price drop on all three of their premium parental control software plans. With school almost out for summer, now is a prime time to keep your children in check and protect your own peace of mind with Qustodio.

Qustodio is an established player in the parental control software sphere, and we’ve previously deemed their app among the best in the business. Qustodio’s easy-to-access signup flow will get you started for free in no time, however the cost-free option is limited to just one device. For additional devices, Qustodio offers three premium plans, protecting up to 5, 10, or 15 devices, now for just $55, $97, and $138-per-year, respectively. A motherlode of monitoring and management features help parents keep kids’ online experience safe and suitable. Smart web filters block pornography and other inappropriate content, even in private mode, while games and apps are also able to be blocked or restricted. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and others may be monitored as well, keeping your kids’ content consumption at suitable levels. Location tracking means you’ll never lose tabs on your child, and a built-in panic button offers them an emergency outlet in any event of trouble.

Safety may be the key component in parental control software, but screen time monitoring is paramount for parents, as well. Despite research suggesting the screen time scare may be overblown, many parents still oppose excessive time spent on digital devices. Qustodio quiets these concerns with an online dashboard designed to monitor screen time across multiple channels, including social networks, games, and apps. Set custom daily screen time limits to adjust content consumption on weekends, or allow additional screen time after certain hours. Qustodio also lets users with Android devices see who your child texts and calls most, as well as create and maintain a list of blocked contacts, giving parents the peace of mind they deserve.

Kids are constantly finding ways to get themselves in trouble, and the tech-centric world we live in has only made it easier. Qustodio’s parental control software quashes concerns, and enables a safer, more suitable digital world for our children. For what is likely less than the cost of whatever hot new gadget that your child just has to have, it sure makes for a safe bet.

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