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You may have grown up thinking that being an adult meant being free to do what you want. Now you’re here, and instead of adventure life is all work, bills, and a creeping sense that the world is out of your control. With the right knowledge and some handy apps, however, you can get your finances in order and conquer the challenges of adulthood.

Turbotax on smartphone

The 5 best tax software suites for individuals in 2024

The best tax software can help you collate the forms and data needed to complete your taxes -- all of our picks will help see to your needs and at a fair price.
best parental control apps

The best parental control apps for iPhone and Android

A toddler watching a tablet.

How to track your kid’s digital footprint with Google Family Link

YouTube Kids

Any child who can do basic math can hack YouTube Kids’ parent controls

jargon episode 11 featured img 190826 2x

The latest episode of Jargon gets invested in the lingo of the stock market

is apple card worth it feat omg

Is the Apple Card any better than a regular credit card? We asked an expert

DokiPal review

It has LTE and a voice assistant, but the DokiPal kid’s smartwatch is a letdown

equifax security breach

What’s the best way to stick it to Equifax? Make them work for you


Here’s one thing you need to do before giving your child a smartphone or tablet

how to protect yourself from capital one data breach credit card

Here’s how to protect yourself from the Capital One data breach

circle with disney internet content manager bottom copy

The Circle with Disney in-home parental control device is now only $30 on Amazon

echo dot with fire hd kids edition tablet bundle amazon deals 8

Amazon slashes up to $60 on the Echo Dot and Fire HD Kids Edition bundle

equifax security breach

Does Equifax owe you money? Here’s how you can find out

Equifax has agreed to pay a $700 million settlement for its 2017 data breach. This settlement includes restitution payments and other benefits for consumers affected by this data breach. Here is what we know so far: Including the details on these payments and benefits and how to claim them.
equifax security breach

Equifax agrees to pay $700 million settlement for its 2017 data breach

Consumer credit reporting agency Equifax will pay a $700 million settlement for its 2017 data breach. The settlement includes payments and fines to be paid to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the states and up to $425 million in restitution for consumers affected by the data breach.

Apple backs down, returns parental control app OurPact to App Store

Controversial parental control app OurPact has returned to the iOS App Store. In April this year, Apple removed a number of parental control apps which used a technology called Mobile Device Management that allows access to user location, app use, email accounts, camera permissions, and browsing history.
Xplora 3S review

Xplora 3S impressions: A kids smartwatch for calls and location tracking

If you want to keep tabs on your kids, but feel they are a bit young for a first smartphone, then the Xplora 3S kids smartwatch might be exactly what you need. The battery life is about two days and it doesn't have any games. But we tested it out with a discerning 7-year-old to find out what it's like.
Monzo card press photo

Monzo will launch its banking app in the U.S., but it may be a hard sell

Popular U.K. mobile banking app Monzo launch this summer in the U.S., but it may face difficulties in getting customers to sign up for accounts, due to its plans for a slow launch, banking services that aren’t officially licensed yet, and an app light on features.
apple card

Amazon card vs. Apple Card: Should you get a credit card from a tech company?

Retailers offering credit cards is nothing new, but tech companies like Apple and Amazon are now partnering with banks to get you to buy more stuff from them by offering cashback rewards. What's the difference between the Apple Card and Amazon's new credit builder card?
how to protect family videos youtube kids kidvideos01

How to protect your family videos on YouTube

Not everyone has good intentions when it comes to viewing videos of kids online, so keep your family videos private and away from YouTube's algorithm
jargon episode 1 mortgage feat 2

Jargon: The mortgage industry

On the inaugural episode of the new DT show Jargon, host Myq Kaplan and Tendayi Kapfidze, chief economist at Lending Tree, dive into the jargon of the home mortgage industry. They walk us us through terms like mortgage, escrow, closing costs, fixed and variable rates, and amortization.

Qustodio drops prices 10% on premium parental control software plans

The pervasiveness of smartphones among kids has parents worried over their children’s content consumption. Plenty of parental control options exist, from free software to pay-per-device plans, and Qustodio is now offering a 10% price drop on all three of their premium parental control software plans.
Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Amazon drops prices on Fire 7, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablets

Tablets for kids have evolved from polarizing presence to near-necessity, and the Amazon Fire Kids Edition series takes the cake. Now, you can score the Fire 7, Fire 8 HD, and Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablets at Amazon’s lowest prices ever, and prove to your kid that you’re still kind of cool, sometimes.
Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition review

Advocacy group asks FTC to investigate if Amazon Echo Dot spies on kids

An advocacy group wants to know if the company is storing information about children. The Campaign for A Commercial-Free Childhood is asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the Echo Dot Kids Edition to find out if the device is effectively spying on its young users.
best mobile banking tips citi bank

10 things you probably didn’t realize you can do with your banking app

Banking apps have come a long way in the past few years. Now, in addition to simple things like checking your account balance, many banking apps allow you to deposit checks, send money to friends, and even apply for mortgages. Here's a quick taste of what you can do with today's mobile banking software.
t mobile revvl news

Sidestep banking fees with the nationwide launch of T-Mobile Money

Looking for a bank that provides something a little different? T-Mobile has launched its Money banking service nationwide in the U.S., and it offers an extremely tempting set of features for everyone, including industry-leading interest rates, a powerful app, and none of the usual banking fees.
zillow home loans mortage lender p1010120

Zillow won’t just help you find a house, it will be your mortgage lender, too

Zillow doesn't just want to help you find your dream home. It also wants to be your mortgage lender. The company announced today that it is getting into the lending game with its new service Zillow Home Loans. The service will be available in nine markets to start, with plans to expand.
Child Phone Tracking

Verizon’s Just Kids plan helps parents keep their children within reach

Choosing when to give a child a smartphone isn't just about responsibility; it's about being able to make sure your child is safe while using it -- and to make sure they aren't costing you more money. Verizon wants to make it a much easier decision with the introduction of the Just Kids plan.
amazon prime book box echo dot kids edition promo

Sign up for Amazon’s Prime Book Box and get an Echo Dot Kids Edition for $1

Do your kids like books? Start a new subscription to Amazon's Prime Book Box for kids through March 26 and you can get an Echo Dot Kids Edition for just $0.99. The Prime Book Box includes two hardcover or four board books, depending on the age range you choose. New books are delivered every one, two, or three months.
Kids doing their homework.

6 ways Alexa can help kids with their homework

Alexa can help with homework by teaching your kids valuable skills, prepare for quizzes, and gain interested in subjects they may be struggling in.
naseka electric snowmobile esnowmobile 1

The Naseka electric snowmobile is built for kids, but you’ll likely want one too

The Naseka electric snowmobile claims to be the first to its kind. Designed for kids, the vehicle includes a snow blade in the front and a single track in the back, allowing riders to travel at speeds up to 9 miles per hour thanks to its 800-watt motor and rechargeable lithium battery.
phones for kids

Drop that iPhone! Researchers suggest limiting kids’ screen time to 2 hours a day

How much screen time should our kids have per day? Researchers from Canada have attempted to answer that question with a recent analysis of lifestyle data from 4,520 American kids between the ages 8 and 11. Here's what they found, and why it shows more work needs to be done.
amazon alexa kid friendly answers 40613997082 e1e318e124 o

Alexa will avoid tough questions with new, kid-friendly responses

Amazon has added a number of new, kid-friendly responses to its voice assistant tool Alexa. The A.I. tool used in the company's smart speakers will now avoid any unsavory questions, play songs with censored lyrics, and doesn't ruin the existence of Santa Claus.
amazon show mode charging dock and fire hd 10 kids flash briefing

Show, don’t tell, with Amazon’s new Show Mode Charging Dock

Amazon is continuing to beef up its smart home offerings with the addition of the Echo Show-like Show Mode and the wireless charging Show Mode Charging Dock for the Fire HD 8 and HD 10. It's also introducing a kids edition for the huge Fire HD 10, making child-friendly entertainment even easier.
sales this weekend

Privacy’s virtual credit card service adds cash back for online transactions

Worried about all the places online your debit card information is stored? With Privacy, you can use virtual or "burner" cards for all your online transactions, making your financial details anonymous online. The company also launched a cash-back program, giving users a percentage back for purchases.