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Save $50 on the Roborock H6 5-in-1 cordless vacuum with our coupon code

Roborock, best known for its line of robot vacuum cleaners, just recently launched the Roborock H6 Cordless Vacuum in the U.S., and it’s knocking $50 off its $450 price tag through June 25 to celebrate the release. There is a slight catch, though: You need to enter coupon code ROBOROCKH6 at checkout to apply the discount.

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Robot vacuums are all the rage, and Roborock’s highly rated robotic models are excellent choices. Cordless stick vacuums, while not exactly cutting edge tech, are the ultimate versatile vacuum cleaners. Along with all their life-changing convenience and ability to keep your floors clean, robotic vacuums can clean walls, ceiling corners, car seats, stairs, upholstery, or any other surface that isn’t a floor. The new Roborock H6 cordless 5-in-1 stick and handheld vacuum breaks new ground with its powerful motor, versatility, light weight, and long runtime on a single battery charge.

The Roborock H6 vacuum body weighs just 3 pounds, which you’ll especially appreciate when using the stick vacuum to reach high areas. The H6’s maximum 150 AW (air watts) of suction power can suck deeply embedded dirt particles and mites from upholstery, bedding, and carpeting. A Carpet Boost function automatically switches the motor to maximum suction power for the deepest cleaning jobs. There are three suction modes: Eco, Normal, and Max.

In addition to its motorized carpet cleaning brush, the Roborock H6 comes with a crevice tool for narrow, hard-to-reach areas. There is also a mini-motorized brush to draw the dust from soft upholstery, a dusting brush, and a flex tube that combines with the crevice tool or dusting brush for awkward areas such as shelves or the tops of furniture. The vacuum motor, stick, and all accessories attach and detach quickly with single-button clicks.

When you remove the H6’s long stick section, it transforms into a powerful handheld vacuum, perfect for cleaning car interiors and trunks, furniture, child seats, and more. You can empty the dust bin without touching the debris or a messy bag. In addition, you can remove the dust bin and the front and rear filters for washing.

An included wall-mountable docking and charging station holds all of the accessories, keeping everything in one place. An optional free-standing valet-style docking station is also available.

The Roborock H6 employs a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and can get up to 90 minutes of running time per charge in Eco mode, or 10 minutes in Max mode. Because the H6 is cordless, you can use it anywhere, inside or outside, without being delayed by a search for an available outlet. You also avoid the annoyance of dragging long power cords through the house as you move from room to room.

The Roborock H6 cordless stick vacuum has five filtration layers to keep the air in your home clean by removing 99.97% of the particles in the air. Roborock’s cordless vac also has noise dampers to keep the sound low.

The regular list price for the Roborock H6 cordless 5-in-1 stick vacuum is $450, but as part of the new product launch, Roborock is taking a full $50 off the price when you click a coupon box on the listing on Amazon. This coupon deal ends next Thursday, June 25, so if you are in the market for a powerful and versatile cordless stick vacuum, act soon to take advantage of the discount.

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