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This top-rated robot vacuum is on sale for $180 for Cyber Monday

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Bored of cleaning and vacuuming? For just $180, you can snap up a top-rated robot vacuum and save yourself all the hassle of vacuuming yourself. It’s just one of the many price reductions we’re seeing courtesy of Amazon Cyber Monday deals and it’s sure to be many people’s favorite.

Ordinarily priced at $300, you can snap up the RoboVac 30c for just $180 right now at Amazon. That’s a savings of $120 or 40% off the usual price. Even better, it’s generally highly regarded in the field. It didn’t feature in our look at the best robot vacuums but other RoboVacs did for good reason. They’re simply excellent vacuum cleaners, especially when you’re on a budget.

It’s important to know a little about how to choose a robot vacuum before you take the plunge but the RoboVac 30c is a simple yet effective solution that’s available at a fantastic price.

It’s able to cope with everything from hard floors to medium pile carpets and anything in between. While not designed with pet hair in mind, it should be able to cope with fine hair although we wouldn’t recommend it for anything too heavy-duty. The RoboVac 30c has a 1500Pa suction power as well as its special BoostIQ mode which automatically increases suction power within 1.5 seconds whenever it detects that extra vacuuming strength is needed. That’s super useful for those times when stubborn stains refuse to shift on your carpet.

As well as that, the RoboVac 30c offers up to 100 minutes of constant power before it heads back home automatically to its dock. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity so you can use the EufyHome to instruct it to do your bidding, along with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice support so you don’t even have to touch a button. You can even set it boundaries by using special tape to set where the RoboVac 30c should and shouldn’t wander.

Simply put, it does mostly everything you could need a robot vacuum to do, and it’s a great price right now.

Not sure if the RoboVac 30c is for you? We think it is at this price but if you want to spend a little more, check out all the great savings we’ve rounded up in our look at Cyber Monday robot vacuum deals. There are some great deals to be found.

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Looking for something entirely different or maybe something to complement your newly acquired RoboVac 30c? We’ve got you covered with plenty of great Cyber Monday deals rounded up so there’s something for you to eagerly want to snap up.

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