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We can’t believe how cheap Samsung Frame TVs are during October Prime Day

A Samsung The Frame TV displaying a person riding a horse playing polo.

It’s hard to understate how impressive the Samsung Frame is, both as a TV and as a piece of furniture. If you want one of the best TVs on the market, there are several Prime Day TV deals to grab from Samsung for various Frame sizes.

  • 32-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $550, was $600 — VIEW DEAL
  • 43-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $850, was $1000 — VIEW DEAL
  • 50-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $1100, was $1300 — VIEW DEAL
  • 55-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $1300, was $1500 — VIEW DEAL
  • 65-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $1600, was $2000 — VIEW DEAL
  • 75-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $2200, was $3000 — VIEW DEAL
  • 85-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $3500, was $4300 — VIEW DEAL

Why you should buy the Samsung Frame

The Samsung Frame uses an impressive QLED panel built around brilliant and vivid color reproduction, especially since its whole thought process is that it’s made to be hung on the wall and displayed as a painting. To that end, there are additional customizable frames in different colors of wood that you can buy to fit around the Frame to make it look like a painting, plus it’s slim-fit to be flush with the wall and even has a unique easel mount that you can also buy that truly makes it look like a painting. If that wasn’t enough, you could grab a subscription to Samsung’s Art Store, which has over 2,000 paintings for you to pick and display, ranging from classics to contemporary pieces, and the included motion sensor means that it can switch off when nobody is in the room to conserve electricity and product life.

As a TV, the Samsung Frame is robust, with 4K and HDR10+; it provides powerful and precise image reproduction and contrast, and a 4K upscaler allows you to watch your older content on a higher resolution. It’s also great for gamers because it runs at a native 120Hz refresh rate, so whether you game on consoles or PC, you will get an excellent experience. Even better, it can stream Xbox Game Pass games directly, assuming you have a subscription and a good enough internet package, so you don’t even need a console or a PC.

Overall, the Samsung Frame is a great piece of art to class up your living room and a great TV from which you can get a lot of different types of entertainment. Even better, there are a lot of great Prime Day deals you can find for the Frame to get it cheaper, sometimes up to $800, depending on the screen size you end up going for. While you’re at it, check the rest of the Prime Early Access Sale for other TV deals and a few more options to pick from.

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