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Save $200 on the Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 15.6 in early Prime Day deal

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion

With Prime Day just hours away, it might be tempting to wait to see what kind of Prime Day deals you might find. You don’t need to wait to save money on a great laptop, though. The Samsung Galaxy Book Ion is on sale for just $1,100 — $200 off its usual asking price. This isn’t an entry-level model either; it’s the full-fat, Intel Core i7 model with 12GB of RAM, half a gigabyte of SSD storage, and the same excellent QLED display that has so defined the Galaxy Book range in recent years.

Prime Day laptop deals will be a dime a dozen come the morning, but right now, this is one of the best laptop deals we’ve seen. It’s not just a great saving — it’s an awesome laptop, too.

Finding the balance between weight and performance isn’t easy with laptops, but this Galaxy Book Ion absolutely nails it, weighing in at just 2.7 pounds, despite packing the second-fastest processor of its generation. The Comet Lake Core i7-10510U has four cores, eight threads, and the ability to boost up to 4.9GHz. It is blazingly fast. With 12GB of RAM, it’s the perfect machine for heavy web browsing, crunching numbers in a spreadsheet, or kicking back and watching Netflix on. That’s something you’ll love to do on this laptop too, because its screen is gorgeous. It can even hit up to 600 nits brightness, meaning you can even enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows outside on a bright day without sacrificing picture quality.

That doesn’t mean sacrificing battery life, either. Samsung claims it’ll last 20 hours, so even heavy users should be able to get more than a full workday (and then some) before reaching for a charger. Have a wireless charging smartphone? You can use some of that leftover battery life in the Ion to charge your phone. Just pop it on the touchpad.

Saving $200 on a $1,300 laptop is nothing to sniff at — especially when you get a Core i7 CPU and a top-tier display for the money. The Samsung Galaxy Book Ion is a stunning example of a modern laptop that has everything you need to do almost everything you want. It’s not one for gamers — check out these Prime Day gaming laptop deals — but for everyone else, this laptop is very close to perfect. With top-shelf power, battery life, and features, in a very well-built chassis, there’s a lot to love about this laptop. Especially at the price.

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