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Amazon knocks $250 off the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 for Black Friday

Right now, you can buy the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 for a massive $250 off the usual price as part of the many Amazon Black Friday deals keen to make you grab your credit card this holiday season. That works out as a delightful 25% off the usual price meaning this is a great time to upgrade your phone to something future-proofed and fantastic.

Normally priced at $1,000, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is only $750 making it a far more affordable proposition if you’re keen to enjoy the delights of a high-end 5G compatible phone.

Earlier in the year, we suggested it might be worth skipping the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 until next year’s flagship model but that was at its regular price. For $750, you get a lot of functionality and you’re sure to be happy with what’s here. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has a hyper-fast processor which Samsung promises is ideal for gaming as well as multitasking without any trouble. On top of that, it has a smart battery that learns how you use your phone, optimizing your battery life where it counts. It also offers super-fast charging so it’ll boost your battery within minutes meaning you can get on with whatever you were doing.

A 6.7-inch screen means the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is great for multi-tasking but also streaming your favorite shows. 128GB of storage means you won’t run out of space any time soon either. That’s going to be particularly useful when you combine it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s 64MP main camera and the 10MP selfie camera that you’ll find irresistible to use when snapping your daily life. And, of course, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is 5G ready if you have a 5G-based contract.

Sleek and smart, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is an attractive bet this Black Friday. However, if you want to see what else is out there before you hit the buy button, we’ve also rounded up the best Black Friday smartphone deals. It makes sense to see what else is out there, right?

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