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Thanks to a huge Prime Day discount, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is finally worth buying

When I say “2022 smartphones” you probably think of the ones launched this year. But my favorite 2022 smartphone happens to be the one launched in late 2021 — and it’s on sale right now for Prime Day 2022.

It works with a stylus. It features two AMOLED displays. And it folds. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The smartphone was launched at a hefty $1,800 price tag, but thanks to Prime Day, — which is a massive $710 discount. You can buy a Pixel 6 with that and still be left with a few hundred dollars.

Why you can’t miss Prime Day’s Fold 3 deal

Galaxy Z Fold 3 half folded with other flagship smartphones in the background.

I’m someone who likes to be productive on the go. Plus, I like reading on the Kindle app. Both of these use cases require a big display, and the usual 6.5-inch 20:9 display doesn’t cut it for me, especially after using the Fold 3 for more than five months.

If you are anything like me, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 should be your go-to Android smartphone. And thanks to its Amazon Prime Day sale, it now costs as much as a usual flagship, which makes it an amazing deal. It might take Samsung several more years to bring its retail pricing down to $1,000 for its high-end flagship foldable. That’s why I’d buy the Fold 3 in a heartbeat right now if I didn’t already own one. You are getting a revolutionary smartphone for the price of the usual high-end flagship from Apple.

As I’ve written in the past, unfolding a smartphone to be greeted by an AMOLED display with no compromises still feels futuristic. The 7.6-inch display is excellent for media consumption, taking video calls, typing on docs, or signing files with a stylus while you are not near your computer — it can do it all. And while the larger display isn’t needed, it folds to hide inside the smaller 6.1-inch display, which can be used with a single hand.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 inner display alongside other flagship phones on a table.

Make no mistake, the folding display is one of the sharpest on the market. And combined with the under-display camera, it’s one big, beautiful, and immersive panel. In my usage, the Fold 3 has replaced my Kindle because I prefer reading e-books on something that sits inside my pocket and is accessible when I’m commuting on the subway. And if you are worried about the crease, I must tell you that I’ve watched entire TV show seasons on the smartphone without being distracted by it.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 makes things so much easier by blowing them up on the bigger display. For instance, navigating on Google Maps is a much more immersive experience, and so is legibility in direct sunlight, thanks to the 1,200-nit peak brightness.

If you are someone who is always on the go and wants to stay connected to the office or get things done while commuting, the $1,090 price tag of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 on Prime Day is a no-questions-asked purchase. It is, after all, one of the best Amazon Prime Day phone deals.

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