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This Dolby 5.1 soundbar system is down to $180 at Best Buy today

Samsung HW-A550 Soundbar Under TV.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a massive upgrade to your home theater system, this is the sign to take your listening experience to the next level. Most of the best Cyber Monday deals may be over, but this deal for a Samsung soundbar with Dolby 5.1 is still around. You can pick it up at Best Buy for just $180, which is $100 off its original price. This is one of the best Cyber Monday soundbar deals, especially considering how amazing this audio system will make your home theater setup sound. If this deal catches your eye, get it as soon as possible — there’s no telling when this offer ends. There’s a chance it’s not even supposed to be live right now.

While some TVs have pretty decent speakers nowadays, the difference in audio quality between even the best built-in speakers and the best soundbars is night and day. There’s no easier way to make a massive audio upgrade than by picking up the Samsung HW-A550 2.1-channel soundbar. It’s a sleek, straightforward soundbar with surround sound, perfect for movie lovers and gamers looking for a way to immerse themselves in the experience fully. With just one device and a simple installation process, you can turn your living room into a proper home theater setup.

The HW-A550 is an absolute beast at its price point. It’s equipped with Dolby Digital 5.1, which enables fantastic surround-sound audio for movies, shows, and games that support the format. Since most movies on streaming services support Dolby Digital, you can expect to get fantastic surround sound audio with plenty of content. DTS Virtual:X technology creates a virtual 3D sound that moves all around you, even if it’s technically only coming from a single source. This unit also comes with a subwoofer, so you can experience thumping bass and a full sound, all with a single package. There’s also a bass boost option that you can activate if you’re listening to bassy music, watching a wild action movie, or experiencing a live concert from home.

As with many Samsung home theater devices, this soundbar is also packed with intelligent features that help take your experience to the next level. If you’re a gamer, you can activate a game mode that automatically helps simulate directional audio that matches what’s happening on-screen. That enables you to figure out where things are taking place in the environment around you, giving you a competitive edge. There’s also adaptive sound that automatically optimizes the sound profile based on what you’re currently watching, whether it’s games, sports, movies, or shows.

This soundbar is remarkably easy to connect and operate. You can connect the soundbar with your TV in various ways, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or an HDMI connection. If you have a Samsung TV, you can control the TV and the soundbar with the same remote. Lastly, if you’re looking to upgrade down the line, you can buy optional rear Samsung speakers and use the soundbar as a base for a completely wireless surround-sound audio system. Take your audio experience to the next level by picking up the Samsung HW-A550 soundbar.

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