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Experience truly immersive sound with the Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar

As TVs get thinner and thinner, their built-in speakers also become weaker and weaker. Even the best and most expensive 4K TVs could use external speakers. For an elevated and immersive home cinematic experience, you need a soundbar. One of the best in delivering a powerhouse sonic performance is the Samsung HW-Q90R. Right now, the HW-Q90R is available on Amazon for $1,398, 18% less than its suggested retail price of $1,700. You get to save a whopping $302.

This soundbar looks almost exactly like its predecessor, the HW-N950, which is our choice for the best Dolby Atmos soundbar of 2019. What sets it apart is that it is optimized for Samsung’s TV of tomorrow, the QLED TV. A QLED TV is engineered with a display technology that uses quantum dots that emit their own light, said to be more power-efficient, larger and thinner than regular LED TVs.

The HW-Q90R is a lot to unpack. It consists of one soundbar, two satellite surrounds, and a wireless subwoofer. The bar alone weighs nearly 20 pounds and measures 48-inches long, with the same slim aesthetic of most soundbars that will perfectly complement even the biggest TVs. All the speakers are solidly constructed with metal grilles on the top, front, and sides, painted in a dark metal finish that’s contemporary-looking and sleek.

The system boasts a powerful 7.1.4-channel Atmos configuration. The system has four front-firing drivers (two in the bar, one in each of the surround speakers), side-firing drivers that bounce sound off your walls, and the usual left, center, and right channels (all found in the bar). Combined with the terrifically pumped bass from the subwoofer, all 17 drivers work together to create a genuinely immersive surround sound experience.

In terms of features, the HW-Q90R shares a lot in common with the HW-N950. It can decode both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, along with their numerous variants. A couple of things that are new are the Game Pro and Adaptive Sound mode. Aside from the usual Standard and Surround mode, these two new audio calibrations are designed for a specific purpose. Game Pro mode ups the sound effects for more immersive and realistic gameplay, while Adaptive mode analyzes the audio and optimizes it scene-for-scene to ensure dialogue won’t get lost in a chaotic mix of sounds.

This soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity so you can enjoy music wirelessly, and it works with Alexa. Through voice commands, you can order the HW-Q90R to play your favorite songs or tell it to crank up the volume. It can also be controlled using Samsung’s One Remote, which works with the TV and other compatible Samsung devices as well. Wires have also been reduced as the speakers communicate with each other wirelessly. The only cables you’ll need include the one connecting the main soundbar to the TV and the power cables.

Terrific sound quality, beautifully designed, and boasting the latest in audio tech, the Samsung HW-Q90R offers supreme audio experience. It isn’t vastly different from the HW-N950 though, and that one comes at a much lower price.

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