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Now’s the best time to buy an Apple Watch Series 5 — here’s why

The Apple Watch Series 6 is coming, which means discounts on the Apple Watch Series 5! On September 15, Apple announced the launch of its Series 6, which boasts a blood oxygen feature to bump up Apple’s already impressive wellness quotient. That’s great news, not just for people who want to measure their blood oxygen, but for those of us who have been waiting for the price to drop on the Apple Watch Series 5. Right now, at Amazon, you can get $100 off the Apple Watch Series 5, making it only $329, down from its regular price of $429.

If you’re an Apple fan, no watch will fit your lifestyle better than the Apple Watch Series 5. It has an amazing design and programming features, but we also love this watch as a wellness tool. Your stats and corresponding metrics — like your steps, or how many situps you’ve just completed — are available almost immediately as you start your routine. That’s great for exercise, but while the 6 Series might boast some new wellness metrics, the Series 5 covers more than just the basics, way more. It demonstrates your VO2 Max Data, hourly movement, relaxation, and calories burnt. As well, its brain is versatile, being able to follow individual sports, like swimming or cycling, and yoga. Oh, and there’s an ECG monitor, which is a phenomenal health feature for anyone concerned with irregularities in their cardiac behavior during exercise.

But it’s not just these fun little things that appeal to us. There’s major stuff, too. Apple upped the processor on the Apple Watch Series 5, as well as the storage, so while the watch is physically the same size and weight as previous generations, you’re dealing with a faster, more powerful machine. There’s an internal compass, too, another great new addition.

When Apple moved from Series 4 to Series 5, they didn’t take any huge jumps, visually. The digital crown control system still sits upon a solid and attractively square frame. The watch is among the most aerodynamic, sleek, and slim (yet sturdy) on the market — and it’s nice and light, so it won’t weigh down your wrist. For those of us who like to keep the earth in mind, the watch’s case is fabricated of 100% recycled aluminum (for this deal that’s your only choice, but Apple also offers watches in titanium, ceramic and stainless steel, for an exclusive price).

Where the 5 really sets itself apart in its display, which is always on. In the previous version, you needed to raise your wrist to activate the phone from sleep mode; the 5 always has the digital clock glowing, too (don’t stress out about this feature’s battery drain — it can last a day and a half and only takes an hour to fully charge). They upped the design options too, giving you a good number of face designs: You can go with simple and black, all the way to more artistic, or fun designs.

While the new Series 6 definitely has some shiny new bells and whistles, you’ll need to wait for it, and the Apple Watch Series 5 is a super well-reviewed smart watch, even among our excellent collection of Apple Watch deals. Right now, at Amazon, you can snag one for $100 off , for only $329, down from its regular price of $429. Better act quickly though, the clock is ticking.

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