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Save $70 on Google Nest Thermostat E with Temperature Sensor today

Nest Thermostat E white wall LED
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Although Prime Day may evoke images of Amazon, don’t discount Best Buy. The electronic retail giant has cut prices on the Google Nest Thermostat E with temperature sensor, dropping the device from its original retail price of $200 down to $130. This Prime Day deal is one of the best so far and isn’t likely to be beaten, so act fast before the product completely sells out.

The Nest Thermostat makes it easy to save money on your utility bills thanks to its smart learning capabilities. This device monitors when you make adjustments and begins to act on its own, cooling and heating your home accordingly. It can also make adjustments based on ambient temperature, as well as detect when no one is home so that it isn’t wasting energy heating an empty house.

You can control the Nest Thermostat E from your phone and set up simple schedules through the Google Home app. The included temperature sensor allows you to customize temperatures on a room-by-room basis — perfect if you have one room that just always seems too warm or too cold compared to the rest of the house. The sensor is easy to place on a shelf and forget about, and the thermostat itself has an elegant design that lets it fit easily with the rest of your home decor.

The Nest Thermostat E isn’t difficult to install and can easily be done by most people. Just make sure your home is compatible by using the compatibility checker on Nest’s website. For the most part, as you long as you have a C-wire you can install a smart thermostat. Some older homes may not have this wire, but the majority of newer homes will. Even if your home lacks the necessary wiring, it can easily be fixed by an electrician.

Smart thermostats are typically rather pricy devices to invest in, but this deal has brought the price down to an affordable level. If you’ve been eyeing a thermostat for a while and just haven’t decided to invest yet, now is your chance. You likely won’t see another Nest Thermostat deal, let alone another Prime Day smart home deal like it, so dive in while you’ve got the chance.

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