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Best Buy drops huge deals on these Sony, Sennheiser, and Beats headphones

Thanks to advancements in Bluetooth and audio tech in general, wireless headphones nowadays not only stay connected to your phone but also sound as good as their wired counterparts. And since more and more devices are gradually losing the 3.5mm audio jack, now is the perfect time to get a pair of wireless cans. You don’t even have to spend too much on them, either. Sony’s WH-CH510 and Sennheiser’s HD 4.40 BT both cost less than $80, while the hugely popular Beats Solo3 can now be purchased for as low as $123. Save as much as $177 when you get these Bluetooth headphones on Best Buy today.

Sony WH-CH510 – $60

The Sony WH-CH510 wireless headphones let you immerse yourself in music courtesy of their on-ear design. Although they don’t provide active noise cancellation, the large earcups effectively block out conversations and low traffic noises, but not enough for particularly loud sounds like plane engine rumble. These headphones weigh 9.8 ounces, measure 7.8 x 6.8 x 1.6 inches when fully open, and are made entirely of plastic. The earcups swivel and fold flat for easy storage, making these the perfect companions for traveling. Along the bottom of the right earcup are the control buttons: Two volume control buttons, the power button, and a USB-C port that supports fast charging. There’s also a hole for the built-in microphone so you can take and make calls without having to get your phone. That’s right — for a pair of headphones worth $50, the WH-CH510 supports voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. You don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket to get a weather update or ask any questions.

When it comes to sound quality, the WH-CH510 offer nothing to write home about. These headphones’ audio performance is pretty straightforward. Nothing gets boosted, so the basses, although good, won’t assault your senses, while the mids and highs sound clear and are finely detailed.

What you’re really paying for when you get the Sony WH-CH510 wireless earphones is their terrific battery life. They may not offer class-leading audio quality, but for their price, they’re a solid pair of headphones that we wholeheartedly recommend.

You can get the Sony WH-CH510 wireless headphones for the incredibly low price of $60 on Best Buy.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT – $79, was $100

When it comes to design, there’s nothing particularly noteworthy about the Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT. They look like any other pair of wireless cans: Black, matte, and plastic. Even the name is pure function and zero flash: HD stands for high-definition sound, while BT obviously means Bluetooth. Despite their nondescript appearance, Sennheiser knows that how they sound is what really matters, and in that department, the HD 4.40 BT do not disappoint. What’s more, they’re relatively inexpensive, unlike most of Sennheiser’s offerings. You can get a renewed unit of the HD 4.40 BT on Best Buy for just $79 instead of $100.

Featuring a circumaural (over-the-ears) design, the HD 4.40 BT offer passive noise isolation for an immersive listening experience minus the premium price tag of ANC headphones. The earcups are exceptionally comfortable, although we did find the headband a bit lacking in padding. All buttons and ports are found on the right earcup, including the power button (which also doubles as Bluetooth pairing button) a multifunction button (for playback, track navigation, and answering calls), volume rocker, 3.5mm audio port (for wired listening), and a Micro-USB charging port.

Every type of music sound great on the HD 4.40 BT. The mids and highs are well taken care of, and there’s an extra measure of bass which makes listening to dance tunes an utter delight. And if you download Sennheiser’s Captune app (available for free on both iOS and Android), you can personalize your sound experience by adjusting the digital equalizer or choosing sound presets.

Battery life is outstanding at 25 hours on a single charge. And if they run out of juice, don’t worry. Simply plug in the included audio cable and resume listening.

The Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT may look bland and aren’t the most comfortable headphones out there, but their shortcomings are easy to forgive considering how good they sound and how phenomenal their battery life is. Get them on Best Buy today for just $79.

Refurbished Beats Solo3 – $123, was $300

The Beats Solo3’s design is almost identical to the Solo2, with most of its frame made of hard plastic in a glossy or matte finish. These headphones come in a variety of colors, including black, white, silver, gold, rose gold, violet, and red. The universally recognizable big bold “B” is still seen on the side of the earcups, but now it’s no longer bright red, but shade-matched depending on the color you choose.

The over-ear cups are attached to the headband on fold-up hinges which make the headphones very portable, and the large pads are covered in synthetic leather that effectively blocks out sound. They don’t offer much in terms of luxury, but the rubber-like material serves a practical purpose. They’re grippy and sweatproof, making them perfect for jogging and working out. Although the headband is adjustable, even at its loosest the Beats Solo3 can still feel uncomfortably tight.

The Beats Solo3 sound is lively and energetic. The bass is particularly punchy and resonant, perfect for hip-hop and electronic music. Unfortunately, the mids and highs sound a little flat, lacking the richness and robustness offered by more premium headphones. It’s good, but not great.

Arguably the Beats Solo3’s major selling point is its battery life, which Apple claims can last up to 40 hours. This is courtesy of Apple’s W1 wireless chip. If the headphones are running low on juice, you can charge the device for a mere five minutes and still get up to three hours of playtime. The terrific battery life can easily last you the entire day and is perfect for long commutes.

The W1 chip is also responsible for seamless Bluetooth pairing. Simply turn the headphones on and any Apple or Android device will automatically detect them. You just need to press connect.

With its excellent Bluetooth connectivity, good audio performance, and fantastically long battery life, what holds us back from fully recommending the Beats Solo3 is its painfully tight fit and borderline cheap look. The Beats Solo3 are normally sold for $300, but right now you can get a renewed pair on Best Buy for just $123 – a whopping $177 worth of savings.

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