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All Fortnite Season X changes to date

From Brute mechs to Gotham City, here are all the Season X changes in Fortnite

With the 10th season of Fortnite: Battle Royale, Epic Games has switched things up in a number of ways. Instead of releasing most of the new areas and weapons at the start of season X, it is gradually doling out updates over the course of the 10 weeks. With so much happening nearly every week, there is a lot to keep up with. So, we’ve put together a list of all the changes coming to Fortnite in season 10.

1. Dusty Depot returns

Dusty Depot Fortnite Season X

Season X kicked off with a few major changes to the overall island map, the most notable of which is the return of Dusty Depot. After becoming a crater and more, Dusty Divot reverted back to its original point of interest, Dusty Depot. It looks very similar to the original version but with a few changes.

2. Challenges are now known as missions

Fortnite Season X Challenges

Epic Games introduced the biggest change to date for weekly challenges by changing them to missions. Every week, there is a selection of missions released that are centered around a particular theme like music or rift zones.

There are seven missions for players to take on every week with seven more prestige missions unlocked upon their completion. Prestige missions are more difficult and grant rewards like battle stars and exclusive cosmetic items.

3. Controversial Brute mech arrives

Season X saw the vaulting of the Baller vehicle and the introduction of the controversial Brute mech. The Brute mech allows up to two players to wreak havoc on the other players in all modes, including the competitive-focused Arena and Tournament playlists.

The Brute mech has seen various changes throughout the course of the season like the addition of a targeting laser, slight nerfs, and changes to spawn rates. Despite this, the vehicle remains largely disliked in the community, especially when it comes to official competitions.

4. Frozen meteor rift zone

Fortnite Meteor Season X

With the time-traveling aspect of Fortnite season X, rift zones are appearing around the island. These alter, freeze, or bring back something from the past. In the case of the meteor crashing into the island, it has been frozen in place and can be seen from all around the map.

5. Junk Rift item counters Brute mech

Fortnite Junk Rift

Epic Games introduced the Junk Rift throwable item as a counter to the Brute mech. The item, when thrown, creates a rift above the targeted area that releases a bunch of junk that will instantly destroy anything (and anyone) it touches. This includes the Brute mech, defeating the vehicle in one hit.

6. Tilted Town takes us to the Wild West

One of the rift beacons appeared at Neo Tilted at the start of season X and transformed it into Tilted Town. There, players are taken to the Wild West and even dressed to fit the theme. The outlaw town forbids players from building or damaging any structures while in the zone.

7. Retail Row brings the horde

Fortnite Retail Row Returns

A rift zone appeared at Mega Mall, returning it to its former location Retail Row but with a twist. Hordes of fiends from the Fortnitemares event began appearing and will attack players who enter that area.

8. Pandora Borderlands 3 collaboration

The truck stop near Paradise Palms in the desert was replaced by an area inspired by the world of Pandora in Borderlands 3. The event lasted for a brief period of time, offering players unique gameplay mechanics like auto-recharging shields. The visual aesthetic of the Pandora area was made to resemble the series as well.

9. Floating island reappears

Fortnite Floating Island Season X

Soon after the introduction of Pandora, the floating island from season six returned. It can be seen moving from location to location just as it did before.

10. Shield Bubble channels Halo vibes

The Shield Bubble is a new consumable item that deploys a shield around yourself and your party members. This shield is completely invincible to outside attacks, similar to the bubble shield from the Halo series. However, players can still run in and damage players inside of it or destroy the shield itself.

11. Moisty Palms brings together Moisty Mire and Paradise Palms

Moisty Palms Fortnite

A rift zone appeared above Paradise Palms and, instead of reverting it back to Moisty Mire, merged the two and formed Moisty Palms. It features a mix of the desert town of Paradise Palms with the murky swamps of Moisty Mire.

12. Greasy Grove comes back for seconds

Fortnite Greasy Grove Returns

The frozen lake in the snowy biome melted due to a rift beacon and revived Greasy Grove. The fan-favorite fast food-obsessed town is back and the rift zone keeps it largely the same as before, despite being in the middle of the snowy area.

13. Gotham City steals the night

Fortnite Gotham City

In yet another collaboration this season, Fortnite is doing a crossover with Batman, turning Tilted Town into Gotham City. There, players can don a Batman suit and use various gadgets like the Batarang, grappling gun, and more.

14. Starry Suburbs appears

Fortnite Starry Suburbs

Another rift zone appeared, this time north of Pleasant Park. It repaired the ruined neighborhood that was once there and turned it into Starry Suburbs. The nice neighborhood allows for some great views of the night sky along with some epic loot.

15. All other changes in Fortnite season X

Fortnite Loot Lake Season X

Beyond the most major changes, there are plenty of smaller ones as well. You can find the full list of every other change in season X below.

  • Most slipstreams from season nine disappear
  • Quadcrasher vaulted
  • Flintlock pistol vaulted
  • Shadow bomb vaulted
  • Semi-auto sniper rifle vaulted
  • Tactical assault rifle vaulted
  • Mounted turret vaulted
  • Air strike vaulted
  • Itemized glider redeploy vaulted
  • Anti-gravity zone appears at Loot Lake
  • Automatic sniper rifle released
  • Ice cream vaulted
  • Volcano vents no longer work
  • Glitched consumables appear at explosion site
  • Storm flip, drum gun, and storm scout sniper rifle vaulted
  • Zapper trap released
  • Combat shotgun, drum shotgun, and proximity grenade launcher vaulted
  • Suppressed assault rifle brought back
  • Burst SMG vaulted and tactical SMG unvaulted
  • Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang released
  • Bouncer unvaulted and tactical SMG legendary version released

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