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All Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet: full Pokédex, typing, and version exclusives

Get your Pokéballs ready because a new adventure in the world of catching, collecting, and battling is upon us. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are the ninth-generation titles of the beloved monster-taming series, and they’re taking cues from all the past games to create what looks to be the most ambitious titles in series history.

Being able to see Pokémon roam around makes catching them all a much easier task compared to when you never knew what you might encounter until a random battle showed up, and it also makes recognizing which Pokémon will be in this new game easier. Now that the games have finally launched, it’s time to start working on those Pokédex entires — here’s a list of every Pokémon available in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet right now.

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The starters

Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Every new generation in the mainline series gives us three new starter Pokémon to pick from, and are always shown off early to get people excited about what their first companion will be. For Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the tradition of each starter being a grass, fire, and water type holds strong. This time, we have Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. Unfortunately, we only know what the base form of these starters is and nothing about their evolutions.


For you grass-type lovers out there, Sprigatito has an adorable feline design that is officially described as a “capricious, attention-seeking Grass Cat Pokémon.” It will come with the Overgrow ability, which will make grass-type moves more powerful when at low HP. Otherwise, you can expect Sprigatito to be strong against water, ground, and rock types, but weak to fire, bug, ice, flying, and poison.


Moving on to the fire type, we have the red and white crocodile-looking Fuecoco. This little guy is said to be a “laid-back Fire Croc Pokémon that does things at its own pace.” Fuecoco’s ability is called Blaze, again making any fire-type moves stronger when at low HP. Naturally, this fire type is strong against grass, ice, bug, and steel, but weak to ground, rock, and water.


Last but not least, we have the duck-inspired water type Quaxly. This cute white and blue bird, with either a very stylish hat or head feather, is said to be an “earnest and tidy Duckling Pokémon.” For its ability, you get Torrent, which, you guessed it, makes water-type moves deal more damage at low HP. This water-type starter will be most effective against fire, ground, and rock types, but have a rough go against dragon, electric, and grass types mostly.

All Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

There are plenty of new Pokémon to catch in Paldea, but we want you to be able to learn about them on your own when you play the game. To see if your old favorite is available in Paldea, here’s a full list of all the Pokémon we know of so far in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet:

Pokédex entry Name Typing
1 Sprigatito Grass
2 Floragato Grass
3 Meowscarada Grass/Dark
4 Fuecoco Fire
5 Crocalor Fire
6 Skeledirge Fire/Ghost
7 Quaxly Water
8 Quaxwell Water
9 Quaquaval Water/Fighting
10 Lechonk Normal
11 Oinkologne Normal
12 Tarountula Bug
13 Spidopos Bug
14 Nymble Bug
15 Lokix Bug/Dark
16 Hoppip Grass/Flying
17 Skiploom Grass/Flying
18 Jumpluff Grass/Flying
19 Fletchling Normal/Flying
20 Fletchinder Fire/Flying
21 Talonflame Fire/Flying
22 Pawmi Electric
23 Pawmo Electric/Fighting
24 Pawmot Electric/Fighting
25 Houndour Fire/Dark
26 Houndoom Fire/Dark
27 Yungoos Normal
28 Gumshoos Normal
29 Skwovet Normal
30 Greedent Normal
31 Sunkern Grass
32 Sunflora Grass
33 Kricketot Bug
34 Kricketune Bug
35 Scatterbug Bug
36 Spewpa Bug
37 Vivillon Bug/Flying
38 Combee Bug/Flying
39 Vespiquen Bug/Flying
40 Rookidee Flying
41 Corvisquire Flying
42 Corviknight Flying/Steel
43 Happiny Normal
44 Chansey Normal
45 Blissey Normal
46 Azurill Normal/Fairy
47 Marill Water/Fairy
48 Azumarill Water/Fairy
49 Surskit Bug/Water
50 Masquerain Bug/Water
51 Buizel Water
52 Floatzel Water
53 Wooper (Paldean Form) Poison/Ground
54 Clodsire Poison/Ground
55 Psyduck Water
56 Golduck Water
57 Chewtle Water
58 Drednaw Water
59 Igglybuff Normal/Fairy
60 Jigglypuff Normal/Fairy
61 Wigglytuff Normal/Fairy
62 Ralts Psychic/Fairy
63 Kirlia Psychic/Fairy
64 Gardevoir Psychic/Fairy
65 Gallade Psychic/Fighting
66 Drowzee Psychic
67 Hypno Psychic
68 Gastly Ghost/Poison
69 Haunter Ghost/Poison
70 Gengar Ghost/Poison
71 Tandemaus Normal
72 Maushold Normal
73 Pichu Electric
74 Pikachu Electric
75 Raichu Electric
76 Fidough Fairy
77 Dachsbun Fairy
78 Slakoth Normal
79 Vigoroth Normal
80 Slaking Normal
81 Bounsweet Grass
82 Steenee Grass
83 Tsareena Grass
84 Smoliv Grass/Normal
85 Dolliv Grass/Normal
86 Arboliva Grass/Normal
87 Bonsly Rock
88 Sudowoodo Rock
89 Rockruff Rock
90 Lycanroc Rock
91 Rolycoly Rock
92 Carkol Rock/Fire
93 Coalossal Rock/Fire
94 Shinx Electric
95 Luxio Electric
96 Luxray Electric
97 Starly Normal/Flying
98 Staravia Normal/Flying
99 Staraptor Normal/Flying
100 Oricorio Flying
101 Mareep Electric
102 Flaaffy Electric
103 Ampharos Electric
104 Petilil Grass
105 Lilligant Grass
106 Shroomish Grass
107 Breloom Grass/Fighting
108 Applin Grass/Dragon
109 Flapple Grass/Dragon
110 Appletun Grass/Dragon
111 Spoink Psychic
112 Grumpig Psychic
113 Squawkabilly Normal/Flying
114 Misdreavus (Violet exclusive) Ghost
115 Mismagius (Violet exclusive) Ghost
116 Makuhita Fighting
117 Hariyama Fighting
118 Crawbrawler Fighting
119 Crabominable Fighting/Ice
120 Salandit Poison/Fire
121 Salazzle Poison/Fire
122 Phanpy Ground
123 Donphan Ground
124 Cufant Steel
125 Copperajah Steel
126 Gible Dragon/Ground
127 Gabite Dragon/Ground
128 Garchomp Dragon/Ground
129 Nacli Rock
130 Naclstack Rock
131 Garganacl Rock
132 Wingull Water/Flying
133 Pelipper Water/Flying
134 Magikarp Water
135 Gyarados Water
136 Arrokuda Water
137 Barraskewda Water
138 Basculin Water
139 Gulpin (Violet exclusive) Poison
140 Swalot (Violet exclusive) Poison
141 Meowth Normal
142 Persian Normal
143 Drifloon (Scarlet exclusive) Ghost/Flying
144 Drifblim (Scarlet exclusive) Ghost/Flying
145 Flabebe Fairy
146 Floette Fairy
147 Florges Fairy
148 Diglett Ground
149 Dugtrio Ground
150 Torkoal Fire
151 Numel Fire/Ground
152 Camerupt Fire/Ground
153 Bronzor Psychic/Steel
154 Bronzong Psychic/Steel
155 Axew Dragon
156 Fraxure Dragon
157 Haxorus Dragon
158 Mankey Fighting
159 Primeape Fighting
160 Annihilape Fighting/Ghost
161 Meditite Fighting/Psychic
162 Medicham Fighting/Psychic
163 Riolu Fighting
164 Lucario Fighting/Steel
165 Charcadet Fire
166 Armarouge (Scarlet exclusive) Fire/Psychic
167 Ceruledge (Violet exclusive) Fire/Ghost
168 Barboach Water/Ground
169 Whiscash Water/Ground
170 Tadbulb Electric
171 Bellibolt Electric
172 Goomy Dragon
173 Sliggoo Dragon
174 Goodra Dragon
175 Croagunk Poison/Fighting
176 Toxicroak Poison/Fighting
177 Wattrel Electric/Flying
178 Kilowattrel Electric/Flying
179 Eevee Normal
180 Vaporeon Water
181 Jolteon Electric
182 Flareon Fire
183 Espeon Psychic
184 Umbreon Dark
185 Leafeon Grass
186 Glaceon Ice
187 Sylveon Fairy
188 Dunsparce Normal
189 Dudunsparce Normal
190 Deerling Normal
191 Sawsbuck Normal
192 Girafarig Normal/Psychic
193 Farigiraf Normal/Psychic
194 Grimer Poison
195 Muk Poison
196 Maschiff Dark
197 Mabosstiff Dark
198 Toxel Electric/Poison
199 Toxtricity Electric/Poison
200 Dedenne Electric/Fairy
201 Pachirisu Electric
202 Shroodle Poison/Normal
203 Grafaiai Poison/Normal
204 Stantler Normal
205 Foongus Grass/Poison
206 Amoonguss Grass/Poison
207 Voltorb Electric
208 Electrode Electric
209 Magnemite Electric/Steel
210 Magnetite Electric/Steel
211 Magnezone Electric/Steel
212 Ditto Normal
213 Growlithe Fire
214 Arcanine Fire
215 Teddiursa Normal
216 Ursaring Normal
217 Zangoose Normal
218 Seviper Poison
219 Swablu Flying
220 Altaria Flying/Dragon
221 Skiddo Grass
222 Gogoat Grass
223 Tauros (Paldean Form) Fighting
223 Tauros (Aqua Breed) Fighting/Water
223 Tauros (Flame Breed) Fighting/Fire
224 Litleo Fire/Normal
225 Pyroar Fire/Normal
226 Stunky (Scarlet exclusive) Poison/Dark
227 Skuntank (Scarlet exclusive) Poison/Dark
228 Zorua Dark
229 Zoroark Dark
230 Sneasel Dark/Ice
231 Weavile Dark/Ice
232 Murkrow Dark/Flying
233 Honchkrow Dark/Flying
234 Gothita Psychic
235 Gothorita Psychic
236 Gothitelle Psychic
237 Sinistea Ghost
238 Polteageist Ghost
239 Mimikyu Ghost/Fairy
240 Klefki Steel/Fairy
241 Indeedee Psychic/Normal
242 Bramblin Grass/Ghost
243 Brambleghast Grass/Ghost
244 Toedscool Ground/Grass
245 Toedscruel Ground/Grass
246 Tropius Grass/Flying
247 Fomantis Grass
248 Lurantis Grass
249 Klawf Rock
250 Capsakid Grass
251 Scovillain Grass/Fire
252 Cacnea Grass/Dark
253 Cacturne Grass/Dark
254 Rellor Bug
255 Rabsca Bug/Psychic
256 Venonat Bug/Poison
257 Venomoth Bug/Poison
258 Pineco Bug
259 Forretress Bug/Steel
260 Scyther Bug/Flying
261 Scizor Bug/Steel
262 Heracross Bug/Fighting
263 Flittle Psychic
264 Espathra Psychic
265 Hippopotas Ground
266 Hoppopowdon Ground
267 Sandile Ground/Dark
268 Krokorok Ground/Dark
269 Krookodile Ground/Dark
270 Silicobra Ground
271 Sandaconda Ground
272 Mudbray Ground
273 Mudsdale Ground
274 Larvesta Bug/Fire
275 Volcarona Bug/Fire
276 Bagon (Violet exclusive) Dragon
277 Shelgon (Violet exclusive) Dragon
278 Salamence (Violet exclusive) Dragon/Flying
279 Tinkatink Fairy/Steel
280 Tinkatuff Fairy/Steel
281 Tinkaton Fairy/Steel
282 Hatenna Psychic/Fairy
283 Hattrem Psychic/Fairy
284 Hatterene Psychic/Fairy
285 Impidimp Dark/Fairy
286 Morgrem Dark/Fairy
287 Grimmsnarl Dark/Fairy
288 Wiglett Water
289 Wugtrio Water
290 Bombirdier Flying Dark
291 Finizen Water
292 Finizen Evo?
293 Varoom Steel/Poison
294 Revavroom Steel/Poison
295 Cyclizar Dragon/Normal
296 Orthworm Steel
297 Sableye Ghost/Dark
298 Shuppet Ghost
299 Banette Ghost
300 Dusknoir Ghost
301 Hawlucha Fighting/Flying
302 Falinks Fighting
303 Noibat Flying/Dragon
304 Noivern Flying/Dragon
305 Dreepy (Violet exclusive) Dragon/Ghost
306 Drakloak (Violet exclusive) Dragon/Ghost
307 Dragapult (Violet exclusive) Dragon/Ghost
308 Glimmet Rock/Poison
309 Glimmora Rock/Poison
310 Rotom Electric/Ghost
311 Greavard Ghost
312 Houndstone Ghost
313 Oranguru (Scarlet exclusive) Normal/Psychic
314 Passimian (Violet exclusive) Fighting
315 Komala Normal
316 Larvitar (Scarlet exclusive) Rock/Ground
317 Pupitar (Scarlet exclusive) Rock/Ground
318 Tyranitar (Scarlet exclusive) Rock/Dark
319 Stonjourner (Scarlet exclusive) Rock
320 Eiscue (Violet exclusive)  Ice
321 Pincurchin Electric
322 Sandygast Ghost/Ground
323 Palossand Ghost/Ground
324 Slowpoke Water/Psychic
325 Slowbro Water/Psychic
326 Slowking Water/Psychic
327 Shellos Water/Ground
328 Gastrodon Water/Ground
329 Shellder Water
330 Cloyster Water/Ice
331 Qwilfish Water/Poison
332 Luvdisc Water
333 Finneon Water
334 Lumineon Water
335 Bruxish Water/Psychic
336 Alomomola Water
337 Skrelp (Scarlet exclusive) Poison/Water
338 Dragalge (Scarlet exclusive) Poison/Dragon
339 Clauncher (Violet exclusive) Water
340 Clawitzer (Violet exclusive) Water
341 Tynamo Electric
342 Elektrik Electric
343 Elektross Electric
344 Mareanie Poison/Water
345 Toxapex Poison/Water
346 Flamigo Flying/Fighting
347 Dratini Dragon
348 Dragonair Dragon
349 Dragonite Dragon/Flying
350 Snom Ice/Bug
351 Frosmoth Ice/Bug
352 Snover Ice/Grass
353 Abomasnow Ice/Grass
354 Delibird Ice/Flying
355 Cubchoo Ice
356 Beartic Ice
357 Snorunt Ice
358 Glalie Ice
359 Froslass Ice/Ghost
360 Cryogonal Ice
361 Cetoddle Ice
362 Cetitan Ice
363 Bergmite Ice
364 Avalugg Ice
365 Rufflet Normal/Flying
366 Braviary Normal/Flying
367 Pawniard Dark/Steel
368 Bisharp Dark/Steel
369 Kingambit Dark/Steel
370 Deino (Scarlet exclusive) Dark/Dragon
371 Zweilous (Scarlet exclusive) Dark/Dragon
372 Hydreigon (Scarlet exclusive) Dark/Dragon
373 Veluza Water/Psychic
374 Dondozo Water
375 Tatsugiri Dragon/Water
376 Great Tusk (Scarlet exclusive) Ground/Fighting
377 Scream Tail (Scarlet exclusive) Fairy/Psychic
378 Brute Bonnet (Scarlet exclusive) Grass/Dark
379 Flutter Mane (Scarlet exclusive)  Ghost/Fairy
380 Slither Wing (Scarlet exclusive) Bug/Fighting
381 Sandy Shocks (Scarlet exclusive) Electric/Ground
382 Iron Treads (Violet exclusive) Ground/Steel
383 Iron Bundle (Violet exclusive) Ice/Water
384 Iron Hands (Violet exclusive) Fighting/Electric
385 Iron Jugulis (Violet exclusive) Dark/Flying
386 Iron Moth (Violet exclusive) Fire/Poison
387 Iron Thorns (Violet exclusive) Rock/Electric
388 Frigibax Dragon/Ice
389 Artibax Dargon/Ice
390 Baxcalibur Dragon/Ice
391 Gimmighoul Ghost
392 Ghouldengo Ghost/Steel
393 Wo-Chien Dark/Grass
394 Chien-Pao Dark/Ice
395 Ting-Lu Dark/Ground
396 Chi-Yu Dark/Fire
397 Roaring Moon (Scarlet exclusive) Dragon/Dark
398 Iron Valiant (Violet exclusive) Fighting/Fairy
399 Koraidon (Scarlet exclusive) Fighting/Dragon
400 Miraidon (Violet exclusive) Electric/Dragon
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