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How to unlock Katrina in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons brought dozens of new features with update 2.0, but none are more mysterious than Katrina — a beloved fortune teller that’s been around since the early days of the franchise. Not only does she offer some quirky insight into your future, but she can have a tangible effect on how lucky you’ll be over the next few days.

Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking Katrina and bringing her to your island, along with all the fortunes she can bestow upon your and your villagers.

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How to unlock Katrina in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Before you can bring Katrina to your island, you’ll have to make sure your Animal Crossing: New Horizons software is up to date — Katrina was only just added as part of update 2.0, and anyone running an older version of the game won’t be able to access her fortune-telling abilities.

With that out of the way, unlocking Katrina in Animal Crossing is simple:

  • Head over to Orville at the airport.
  • Fly to Harv’s Island.
  • Your pilot will tell you that Harvey isn’t home — run past his house, and you’ll get a brief introduction to his new business venture.
  • After the short conversation, run to the left until you reach the first gyroid. They should be taking donations for a “mysteriously accurate fortune-teller.”
  • Donate 100,000 bells.
  • Return to the island the next day, and Katrina will have set up her shop.
A player visits Katrina's fortune-telling booth.

Who is Katrina in Animal Crossing?

Katrina has been a staple of the Animal Crossing franchise for years, and her fortune-telling ways haven’t changed much since her first appearance. In New Horizons, she can use her mysterious skills to provide you with several benefits — including insight into your future. Here’s what she has to offer:

  • Check your current friendship level with a villager. This can only be done once per day and costs 1,000 bells.
  • Depending on your friendship level, Katrina may ask if you’d like to be “Blessed” for an additional 10,000 bells. This will help boost your level with the respective villager.
  • Reveal your luck for 1,000 bells. This is a mysterious mechanic in Animal Crossing — although it can have a tangible effect on your day, such as finding more money than usual or tripping over your shoelaces if you run too frequently.

Katrina is by no means an essential part of the Animal Crossing experience, but she offers a fun diversion from your usual bell, bug, and fish collecting. It’ll take a hefty upfront investment for her to set up shop on Harv’s Island, but there’s no doubt long-time fans will be happy to see Katrina joining their island paradise.

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