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Apex Legends: Revenant guide

Revenant is one of the more interesting characters in Apex LegendsHe’s an offensive character with a strong passive ability that allows him to keep speed while crouching and climbing, but makes some trade-offs when it comes to hitbox size. His Ultimate ability, Death Totem, is very strong, too, but only if you know how to use it. We’ll cover that and more in this Apex Legends Revenant guide so you know how to pilot the mechanical Legend through Season 7.

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Revenant’s abilities (and how to use them)

Meet Revenant – Apex Legends Character Trailer

Passive ability: Stalker

  • Description: You crouch-walk faster and can climb higher than other Legends.
  • Top tip: Learn how to crouch-walk and crouch-strafe.

Stalker gives Revenant higher crouch-walk and crouch-strafe speed, as well as the ability to climb higher than other Legends. It’s the movement that really makes the difference, however. Revenant moves at the same speed crouching as he does walking, making him an incredibly agile Legend. Crouching when healing or coming into a firefight will give you a smaller footprint, making you more difficult to hit. Part of playing Revenant is learning how to default to crouching whenever the temperature heats up.

Although crouching is the focus on Stalker, don’t discount the climbing ability. Revenant can climb about twice as high as other Legends, allowing you to quickly reposition to places out of reach of other players. It’s the “about twice as high” that takes practice. Spend a few games paying attention to what you can climb on and what you can’t, and after a few matches, you should have a good feel for it.

Tactical ability: Silence

  • Description: Throw a device that deals damage and disables enemy abilities.
  • Top tip: You can activate Silence while reloading, shooting, or healing.

Silence gives you a projectile that deactivates all enemy abilities within a limited range. In most cases, this only applies to Tactical and Ultimate abilities, though it hits some Passives, too, namely Lifeline’s Combat Medic Passive. Silence deals a small amount of damage, though not enough to make a difference. Use it either on unsuspecting enemies or those closing in on you to give you a leg up. It’s particularly effective if your team members have strong abilities ready to fire.

The most important thing to note about Silence is that Revenant throws the projectile with his off hand, meaning you can activate the ability while shooting, reloading, or healing. Silence also comes with a significant animation on screen, often blocking the view of opponents.

After activating, enemies lose access to their abilities for 10 seconds, and you can plan around that. Like Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher, you can plot the trajectory of Silence and place the device in an opportune spot. For example, if you see a team running through a doorway, you can pop Silence next to that doorway and disable all of their abilities in one go.

Ultimate ability: Death Totem

  • Description: Drop a totem that protects those who use it from death for a set amount of time. Instead of being killed or downed, users will return to the totem.
  • Top tip: Place the totem high, then fight below it, out of view of enemies.

Death Totem is an interesting ability. After spending a second or so to activate it, you and your team members will need to interact with it to enter Shadow Form. If you would be killed while in Shadow Form, you’re instead returned to the totem with 1 HP. Basically, Death Totem gives your entire team a single free respawn.

Shadow Form has some unique rules, however. First, your shields are completely bypassed. Any damage an opponent would deal to you is dealt directly to your health. Also, weapon attachments and perks that provide bonus damage are nullified for your opponents (you won’t take bonus damage). On the flip side, any damage that normally bypasses shields — such as Ring damage — will flat out kill you without returning you to the totem.

Death Totem only lasts for 30 seconds, but that time can be much shorter if you’re not careful. If you stray too far from the totem, you’ll exit Shadow Form. The totem itself only has 100 health, too, so enemies can destroy it. Because of that, we recommend placing the totem high and out of view. The range applies more to horizontal movement, allowing your team to place it high and take advantage of the full benefits.

Although it’s easy to focus on what happens during Shadow Form, it’s more important to focus on what happens after. You’re returned to the totem with 1 HP, so if you don’t finish off the enemy team, they can easily finish you off. Make sure to have your shields fully stocked before interacting with the totem. Once you’re in Shadow Form, be as aggressive as possible. Then, once Shadow Form has run its course, get away as fast as possible to heal.

Revenant hitbox compared other Legends

Early reports when Revenant was introduced to the Apex Games indicated that he had a broken hitbox. Like Wraith, Revenant originally released with the Low Profile passive ability, which increases incoming damage by 5% and counts leg shots as body shots. We don’t know the exact size of Revenant’s hitbox. However, thanks to some excellent work by The Gaming Merchant on YouTube, we know that Revenant has one of the largest hitboxes in Apex Legends. 

The Gaming Merchant found that Revenant has the third largest hitbox in Apex Legends, falling only behind Gibraltar and Caustic. When considering running animations, Revenant is actually the easiest Legend to hit in Apex Legends. Although we don’t have official numbers for Revenant’s hitbox, these numbers seem right. Shortly after releasing Revenant, Respawn removed the Low Profile passive ability to better balance the game.

Revenant isn’t as bad of a choice as he was when Season 4 first released. However, he’s still easy to hit. As an offensive character, it’s important to be fast and carefully plan your attacks when playing as Revenant. Spotty aim isn’t enough to save him like it is with Wraith.

How to play as Revenant in Apex Legends — Tips and tricks

Be agile, but more importantly, be aggressive

Revenant moves and climbs fast, and although it’s important to be agile, it’s more important to be aggressive. Even with a larger-than-average hitbox, Revenant can outpace opponents when it comes to running and climbing, so take advantage of that. As we’ll get to shortly, he pairs particularly well with other aggressive Legends, such as Wraith.

Coordinate with your teammates

Revenant’s Death Totem ability really only works if your entire team knows what’s going on. Because Revenant moves faster and climbs higher than other Legends, he’ll usually front the pack. Make sure to keep your teammates in the loop about when you’re going to use your abilities and what they can expect ahead. Unlike Wraith, you’ll have to stay vigilant with Revenant to spot threats (no Voices from the Void).

Have a teammate playing Wraith

Wraith is just a busted Legend in general, but she pairs particularly well with Revenant. As an aggressive character herself, Wraith can back up Revenant’s assaults and help teams cover a lot of ground quickly. More importantly, however, Wraith’s abilities work well with Revenant’s.

Voices from the Void is great for keeping your team tactical while aggressive, and Into the Void helps Wraith reposition around Silenced enemies. Wraith’s Ultimate, Dimensional Rift, is what stands out, however. Place your rifts before activating Death Totem. As long as your team is on the same page, Legends who return to the totem can quickly escape using the rift while other teammates continue the assault.

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