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The best Apex Legends skins

Apex Legends is one of the most popular, free-to-play battle royale games on the market. You have the chance to play as one of 14 different characters in a three-man squad to duke it out with other sharpshooters and nightmares. Each team has a group of three that have to search for weapons, hide from enemies, and launch attacks on other three-man groups.

Like other battle royale and team shooter games, you’ll also have a chance to change up the skins for each character. Although what is considered a great skin is subjective, there are a few that players can agree are amazing to look at. Here are a few of the best skins of Apex Legends.

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Bangalore — Viceroy

Bangalore Viceroy

Bangalore is a woman you don’t want to mess with. While this skin may be classified as a Legendary, it’s not necessarily the rarest of all skins. Players will find a chance to get their hands on the skin for either, but it’s well worth your time to check it out. The intricate details of the gold against the black make it stand out. The skin gives off serious Black Panther vibes, which makes it really fun to use and look at. Although some players don’t particularly like her hair cut in this skin, we think her hair just makes her look more like a badass.

You can get your hands on this skin for either 18,000 Apex coins or with 1,200 Crafting Materials.

Bloodhound — The Plague Doctor

Bloodhound Plague Doctor

Okay, we’re not going to lie. Bloodhound’s Plague Doctor mask is one of the best skins out there. Their outfit harkens back to when death was always right around the corner. With the addition of their crow, the outfit makes for a full “death is coming” essence, making it perfect for any Apex players. The mask itself is classically done, pulling inspiration from 1600. Hopefully, they remember to put the potpourri.

You can get your hands on this skin for 1,800 Apex coins.

Caustic — Blackheart

Caustic Blackheart

Caustic’s Blackheart skin is one of the most glorious skins you can get in the game. His badass self dons a golden mask and will instill the fear of Immortan Joe on enemies. Nothing is more horrifying to enemies than to turn around and see this golden mask, only to realize that is the last thing they’ll ever see. Although the mask is one of the main reasons players love this skin, it’s not the only reason. The rest of the outfit not only emphasizes the awesome golden mask, but it also helps Caustic blend in more easily to the environment. The gray fur matches Caustic’s hair and ties the outfit more clearly together.

You can get your hands on this skin for 1,800 Apex coins.

Crypto — Hack the System

Crypto Hack the System

So, it was a real toss-up between Crypto’s Hack the System skin or one of his other Epic skins, but we finally decided to select Hack the System. Crypto’s coat is stupid cool and will shift and glow with green circles. The black and green together look stunning. Although this skin isn’t the rarest of skins, it’s definitely one of the best. His epic skins are all different colors and have a hard black background, and the jacks will shift patterns and highlight how Crypto is a hacker extraordinaire. Although it’s not the rarest of skins, it’s definitely one worth checking out.

You can get your hands on this skin for 400 Apex coins or 400 Crafting Materials.

Horizon — Terra Nova

Horizon Terra Nova

Although Horizon is one of the newer characters, her skins have already shown how awesome she can be. And honestly, very little is cooler than steampunk. Her Terra Nova skin brings all the right essences of steampunk into one place. This legendary skin isn’t the easiest to get, but it’s well worth your time to try! The detailing of the gold buckles and starbursts tie the dark blue and brown of the skin, creating the perfect outfit to ride a zeppelin in. It also highlights her time-traveling essence, combining both past and present into one place.

This skin costs 1,200 Crafting Materials to create.

Lifeline — London Calling

Lifeline London Calling

What’s better than a classic punk outfit? Not much. Lifeline’s London Calling skin will remind any punk player of their teenage years (unless, of course, you’re a teen now). The plaid pants pair perfectly with her awesome skeletal top, reminding us that the Clash’s music will never die. It’s always refreshing to see Black punks in a game because it doesn’t get shown often enough.

This legendary skin costs 1,800 legendary tokens or 1,200 Crafting Materials.

Loba — Gold Standard

Loba Gold Standard

Loba’s Gold Standard is the standard we should hold all skins to. Although she comes across as dapper and dashing, her skin also portrays the power she really hides. It’s an identical copy of her Bootlegger skin, but it’s a better color scheme. It’s also nice that the skin has the classiest and least bulky of all the jetpacks. This is a quick way for players to come at their enemies with class before shooting them down.

This legendary skin costs 1,800 legendary tokens or 1,200 Crafting Materials.

Octane — El Diablo

Octane El Diablo

Something isn’t quite right about Octane. He’s a little off, and his El Diablo skin will really show his unhinged side. Octane’s mask is similar in color and design to Japanese kabuki masks. Even the colors Octane used are represented in Japanese kabuki theatre, with the deep red implying anger, stubbornness, and cruelty, and black implying fear. With this skin, enemies are sure to be afraid of Octane coming at them.

This legendary skin costs 1,800 legendary tokens or 1,200 Crafting Materials.

Rampart — The Devil You Know

Rampart Devil You Know

Rampart is a fun character, so it’s suiting that her The Devil You Know skin is so much fun. The gold paired with the turquoise and red make her look glamorous, even as she’s casually chewing gum in your face. Additionally, the metalwork on her armor will remind players that she is a modder by nature. This is definitely one of the top skins to get.

This legendary skin can be unlocked through loot crates or with 1,200 Crafting Materials.

Revenant — Unholy Beast

Revenant Unholy Beast

Revenant’s Unholy Beast skin is probably one of the most popular in the game, and who wouldn’t understand that? The skin is white and red and looks an awful lot like a few unholy beasts that have been portrayed in history. Additionally, there’s a glitch where the skin appears black and more menacing than it currently does (if that were possible). For players who love to play as Revenant, unlocking Unholy Beast will definitely be worth it. Nothing is more intimidating than a demon charging at you.

This legendary skin can be unlocked with 1,200 Crafting Materials.

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