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New Battlefield 2042 trailer showcases its killer snow map, two more

With only a few weeks until Battlefield 2042 is available to players, developers Dice and Ripple Effect revealed a new look at some of the upcoming game’s maps today. While three maps were shown off in a new trailer, Breakaway takes the cake by seemingly nailing Battlefield’s large-scale feel.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay | First Look At Renewal, Breakaway and Discarded Maps

Breakaway sends players to Queen Maud Land in Antarctica, where a massive platform has been installed. The map seems to be broken up into two sections: One on dry land and another set atop the icy frozen waters of Antarctica. Playing into the game’s setting of climate-devastated Earth, fires rage in the background across the frozen continent’s mountains. Today’s trailer only gave us a look at the map’s icy side, which is littered with zip lines that let players quickly move to higher positions far above the frozen ocean.

Along with Breakaway, today’s trailer offered a look at Discarded and Renewal. The latter has been featured heavily in Battlefield 2042‘s promotional materials, mostly thanks to its striking visuals. Set in Egypt’s eastern desert, the map is, like Breakaway, seemingly split into two sections, divided by a massive wall. On one side of the wall are lush greenery and various industrial buildings, while the other is a barren desert covered by solar panels.

Discarded brings players to Alang, India, and seems to be focused on close-combat. While not much of the map was shown in today’s trailer, it seems that buildings on the map are placed close to one another and that its industrial buildings have multiple floors for players to fight across.

Today’s trailer brings the total number of maps revealed by the game’s developers to four, counting Orbital, which was playable during the game’s recent beta. Battlefield 2042 will have 13 maps when it releases on November 19.

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