The best HTC Vive games for 2019

Take a trip to a new virtual world with one of these awesome HTC Vive games

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We know how hard it is to find truly immersive VR experiences so we’ve put together a list of the best HTC Vive games available today. Virtual reality brings with it a potential we have yet to see before in gaming and the Vive is the VR headset to bring it all to life.

While the wave of consumer-grade VR is still in its early stages and many developers are still trying to figure out the best way to craft compelling games, there are already more than a few gems to play on the platform. Here are the ones you should buy.


‘Raw Data’

best htc vive vr games raw data

One of the best action games available in VR, Raw Data transports you to the future to take down an evil corporation. Eden Corporation has control of the world but as an operative from the underground hacking group SyndiK8, you go straight into the walls of the corporation to decimate the operation from within, siphoning as much data as possible.

The sci-fi setting is wonderfully realized, and the action-oriented gameplay puts you in total control of a wide range of weapons and nanotech powers. Raw Data is a challenging game that rewards players who take advantage of their entire arsenal of abilities. You can play solo or with a friend to uncover the true motives of Eden.


‘Eagle Flight’

best htc vive vr games eagle flight

Showing off VR’s explorative strengths, Eagle Flight sees you control an eagle over the streets of Paris. Humans have been extinct for 50 years, so now animals have dominion over everything. Eagle Flight gives you a breathtaking vantage point over historic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.

The action comes in when you swoop down to fight off other animals from honing in on your territory. The aerial dogfights are exciting, but perhaps most interesting when enjoyed via the game’s competitive multiplayer mode. Part of the appeal of VR is having experiences that you could otherwise never have, and Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight does just that.



best switch games for traveling thumper

Part of what makes virtual reality so exciting is its ability to dominate the player’s senses in a way screens and monitors simply cannot. No game better exemplifies this than Thumper, a so-called “rhythm violence” game that puts players in control of a metallic beetle, which races along a psychedelic highway to confront and defeat gigantic monsters. Players then use simple, intuitive commands to avoid obstacles along the track, lean into turns, and hop over rails.

The hazards are synced with the game’s soundtrack and consist of militant drums and ominous soundscapes. Even with the distance granted by a monitor, Thumper feels oppressive, but in virtual reality, it truly becomes a grinding descent into hell. While the game’s various environments look great in VR, the boss fights are truly awe-inspiring. Massive, cosmic horrors are rarely as menacing as they are in VR.


‘Beat Saber’

beat saber star wars day

While not an officially licensed Star Wars game, it’s easy to see where the inspiration for this action music game came from. Wielding a pair of HTC Vive controllers, you smack at blocks with lightsabers to the rhythm of catchy instrumental tracks. Slashing through these blocks may not be as satisfying as slaying a Stormtrooper, but it’s pretty darn close.

Technically it’s still in early access, so more content, including a single-player campaign, is expected down the line. As it stands, Beat Saber has ten awesome tracks and multiple difficulty levels to master. It’s similar to Thumper in that it’s a rhythm game that feels like an action game. Remember how Guitar Hero captivated the world way back when? Beat Saber captures that magic in the VR space.


‘Elite: Dangerous’

games like no mans sky elite dangerous

Space dogfighting from a cockpit perspective is one of the most immediately obvious ideas when you consider VR gaming, and Elite: Dangerous delivers on that promise handily. A starfighter’s cockpit is a great way to justify a seated VR experience. Frontier has been working on porting the game to VR ever since the Oculus DK1, and that level of iteration shows in the final product’s polish.

Elite has a first-mover’s advantage of being one of the Vive’s launch titles longest in development, with a successful, multi-platform release already under its belt, so this open-world space game will be a natural starting point for gamers who want a polished, proven experience.



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