April’s best games bring the return of Kratos and something exciting on Switch

God of War Hands-on Preview |

If you’re still working your way through March’s stellar slate of games, you’re in luck. April is a bit on the slow side, and the must-play titles don’t arrive until the back half of the month. Still, make sure you take down Eden’s Gate in Far Cry 5 soonish, as there are new Yakuza and God of War games coming soon! April also sees the arrival of one of Nintendo’s quirkiest products ever. And, oh yeah, you can play a little game called Fortnite on the go right now. Here are six games to look out for in April.

‘Fortnite’ on iOS (available now)

The absurdly popular Battle Royale experience, Fortnite, has made the jump to mobile. If you’re out of the loop, Fortnite drops you and 99 other cartoon avatars on a sprawling map for a battle to be the last person standing. Fortnite‘s standout feature is its building mechanic, which lets you create structures on-the-fly. For a game that originally launched on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, it runs and looks surprisingly good on recent iOS devices.

Fortnite‘s mobile version is available now on iOS, and will come to Android “in the next few months.”

‘Extinction’ (April 10)

The latest from Divekick developer Iron Galaxy, Extinction tasks Avil, the last Sentinel, to save civilization from massive ogres known as the Ravenii. As a Sentinel, you have a high range of movement that lets you move quickly on the ground and through the air, hacking and slashing your way through Ravenii and hordes of minions. Avil’s combat maneuvers can be upgraded through skill trees as you progress. Everything in Extinction is reportedly destructible, so the buildings that you can scale and wall-run across can crumble. Along with the campaign, Extinction‘s skirmish mode lets users create their own maps and challenges that can be played online with friends. There is also “Extinction mode,” which lets you tear through increasingly challenging waves of enemies.

Extinction comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 10.

‘Yakuza 6: The Song of Life’ (April 17)

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, the latest entry in Sega’s long-running open-world action series, finally arrives in North America more than a year after its Japanese launch. The new game picks up four years after the events of Yakuza 5. In the interim, series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu has served a three-year prison sentence and plans to leave his life in organized crime behind him and raise his foster children. Upon his release, however, he discovers his daughter Haruka has gone missing, leading him on a journey to learn the truth about his daughter’s disappearance.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life arrives on PS4 on April 17.

‘God of War’ (April 20)

Kratos is back in a pseudo-reboot of Sony’s prized franchise that trades Greek mythology for Norse mythology. Taking place long after the events of the original trilogy, Kratos has put his god-killing past behind him, settled down, and started a family in a new realm. But it’s not a quiet retirement for the warrior-turned-god, as the Norse pantheon is also filled with danger around every bend.

The story follows Kratos’ attempt to teach his son to prosper in an unsavory world. The time we’ve spent playing God of War so far left us impressed. The narrative is more complex — Kratos actually has depth this time around and the dynamic between him and Atreus seems promising. The combat has been retooled, and now feels more strategic and precise. As the trailer above showcases, God of War is also pretty darn gorgeous.

God of War launches exclusively on PS4 on April 20.

Nintendo Labo (April 20)

Leave it to Nintendo to come up with an idea as strangely exciting as Nintendo Labo, a Nintendo Switch experience that we hesitate to call a game. Labo turns Joy-Cons into Toy-Cons by folding cardboard cutouts into interactive creations. The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit ($70) lets kids and kids at heart build an RC car, a fishing rod, an adorable piano, a motorbike, and a house. Each build corresponds to a minigame(s) played on the Switch’s screen, but much of the fun that comes with Labo is seeing how far your imagination takes you. For instance, you can your own tracks with the RC car, which moves via the power of HD rumble, thanks to the thermal camera on the right Joy-Con that automatically guides the car to specific spots.

There is also the Robot Kit ($80) that builds a cardboard backpack that uses a pulley system to punch through enemies as a giant robot. The robot kit seems to rely more on its respective game than some builds in the variety kit and it’s also the most elaborate build of the lot.

Nintendo Labos first peripherals, both the Variety Kit and Robot Kit, hit stores on April 20.

‘The Swords of Ditto’ (April 24)

The Swords of Ditto is a bright, colorful, rogue-lite RPG that nods to early The Legend of the Zelda entries with its top-down perspective and overworld design. Each death comes with a brand new hero to start anew, but past acts of heroes — both good and bad — affect your current playthrough. Even though The Swords of Ditto is unforgiving, as we learned when we tried the game last year at E3, it’s lighthearted and funny. You start out with a sword and bow but you acquire a slew of non-traditional weapons such as a magic golf club and a massive foot hailing from heaven. The Swords of Ditto can be played solo or you can adventure with a friend with drop-in co-op.

The Swords of Ditto launches on PS4 and PC on April 24.