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The 5 best PokéStops locations in the UK for Adventure Week

In Pokemon GO, nothing beats the feeling of riding into a city and being greeted by an endless sea of PokéStops, the impending rain of Poke Balls, berries, and opportunity flooding your screen. With 10x EXP (or 20x with a Lucky Egg) on new PokeStop spins, Adventure Week is one of the best times to earn make a real push to Level 40. But where are the best places to make use of this fountain of EXP?

Making the most of the Adventure Week PokeStop spin bonus means spinning as many as you can during a few 30-minute Lucky Egg timers. To help in that mission, we’ve rounded up some of the best UK PokeStop locations. If done right, expect to boost your Trainer Level far faster than even the greatest raid marathon. Don’t even trust your Pokemon GO Plus or Apple Watch app here. Just don’t risk it.

PokéStops are generally historical markers or landmarks, meaning older towns and cities are more likely to be teeming with PokéStops. We’ve used a mixture of real-world experience and the POGOMaps website – which relies on player-submitted data – to outline the five best PokeStop locations in the UK for Adventure Week.

Nottingham, Midlands

Starting out in the center of the country, Nottingham is a great place to hit up if you’re looking to make the most of Adventure Week. Ever embracing its position as the home of Robin Hood, Nottingham played a big part in the UK game industry, hosting the week-long GameCity Festival from 2006-2016.

With a massive central plaza and shops branching out around it, the layout of Nottingham’s high street makes for a great natural PokeStop route. Rather than focus on hyper-efficient Lucky Egg usages with optimized routes and prior planning, just go with the flow. Take in the sights, sounds, and shops, and enjoy the trip out.

If your walk happens to ignite a flame of curiosity within you, it’s time to head underground. Nottingham is known for its man-made saves, so if you’re about done with Pokemon GO for the day and don’t mind losing signal, go enjoy a sliver of history. They’ve been around since at least 1250 AD, so expect the tour guides to have a lot to say.

Newcastle, North East

If you find yourself in or willing to travel to the North East of England, it’s hard not to recommend Newcastle, or Newcastle upon Tyne is it’s officially known, as a prime Adventure Week candidate. The birthplace of one of the country’s most beloved comedy duos, Newcastle is probably known for its “Geordie” accent more than the river its many bridges were built for. Whey aye man!

As for Adventure Week PokeStop density, you’re looking at a good few hours of walking to take in the sights and spin those stops. The city’s main train station is conveniently located around its cathedral and smaller churches, almost guaranteeing multiple PokéStops as soon as you arrive.

You’ll be close to the River Tyne, too, so head south for a riverside walk or up north through Chinatown to Haymarket, topping things off with a quaint stroll around St James’ Park. There aren’t enough Lucky Eggs in the world see this one through.

Chester, North West

Should you end up in my neck of the woods, I have to give the crown of Adventure Week PokeStop density to Chester over my home town of Manchester. While Manchester will certainly drown you in PokéStops and a far superior raid scene from my personal experience, I actually went back to Chester to level a second account after getting my main from the late-20s the early 30s in just a couple of hours.

Chester makes great use of its centuries-old architecture to stack its high street stores atop each other, making for a smaller overall walking space. While that might sound bad on paper, this history has lead to its dizzying amount of PokéStops being sandwiched together.

Stroll through the parks close to the train station, walk up the side of the waterfront, and hit up its 3-4 main streets to make it rain EXP in little more than 2 hours tops. Walking along the walls surrounding the city is a great way to take in the city’s rich history, but it might not warrant using another Lucky Egg.

Southampton, South East

Southampton is about as close to London as we’re going to get in this guide. The countless districts, bridges, and traffic lights make the capital a bit too unpredictable to recommend. In its place, Southerners should consider Southampton as their prime PokéStop location during Adventure Week.

Situated along the southern coast, this port town saw the Titanic off on its maiden voyage – one it famously didn’t return from. Staying within the vicinity of the city’s main shopping district will reward you with a constant stream of PokéStops. One of the more unique aspects of Southampton in the context of Pokémon GO is its cluster of parks.

You can burn through a Lucky Egg or two just by walking through the Watts, East, Palmerston, and Houndwell Parks, separated by a single road through each. Pulling them off in that order will spit you back out in the city’s main shopping district, making for a well balanced natural PokeStop loop.

Bristol, South West

Serving more than just the South West of England, Bristol manages to be a great Adventure Week spot for those in the South of Wales due to the twin Severn Bridges connecting it to Cardiff by way of Newport. The nearby city of Bath is another great option if you’re in the mood for a bit of Roman history and its resulting Georgian architecture.

While known primarily as a port town, the Bristol of today consists of several areas draped around a specific cultural niche. Given PokéStops typically highlight cultural and historical landmarks, you’ll want to hit up the “Old City” on the outskirts of the Broadmead shopping district.

From there, considering hitting up the more modernized area of Bristol Eastside. It’s all easily reachable on foot from Bristol Temple Meads, the city’s main train station, making it a particularly great PokeStop hub. There’s no wrong way to go here.

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