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‘Call of Duty: WWII’ gameplay leak shows off upcoming weapons and modes

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Call of Duty: WWII features a pretty wide selection of weapons and game modes at the moment, but it appears that more are going to be coming to the first-person shooter very soon. Gameplay footage has been leaked, showing off several of the new modes, and it appears there will be a few throwbacks to past games in the series.

The video, originally uploaded by YouTube user IAMJarni before being deleted, first shows off the Gun Game mode, which we’ve previously seen in Treyarch’s Black Ops sub-series. This mode tasks players with earning one kill with a specific weapon before moving on to a new one.

Demolition will also be making its return from previous games. The mode combines the location-based strategy of Domination with the intensity of Search and Destroy, and has been a staple of the series for years. New Infected and Control modes are also on their way — the latter may have been due to the success of the mode in Destiny 2, also published by Activision.

A few new weapons were also shown off in the leaked footage, most notably the Sten submachine gun, which has been usable in previous World War II-themed Call of Duty games including Call of Duty 2. The German Gewehr 43 rifle is also shown off in the game’s Zombies mode.

The new weapons are expected to be offered in the form of Weapon Supply Drops, which aren’t currently in the game. These will likely allow players to spend the in-game currency they earn through matches in order to earn new weapons, though as Reddit users have mentioned, past games have also allowed players to acquire these weapons without using loot crates.

Hopefully, the addition of weapon-based loot crates will not throw off the balance of a game currently devoid of any “pay-to-win” mechanics. In contrast to the system originally planned — and currently disabled — for Star Wars Battlefront II — the loot crates earned in Call of Duty: WWII are for cosmetic items, while progression is still earned via the traditional route of actually playing the game and performing well.

Call of Duty: WWII is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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