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A Control multiplayer spinoff game is in the works at 505 Games

Remedy Entertainment, the developer of the 2019 action-adventure game Control, announced that the game is getting a multiplayer spinoff title sometime in the future. Remedy is also working on a “future, bigger-budget Control game.” Both of the titles will be co-published by Remedy and 505 Games, with whom the studio has struck a deal.

While the original Control was critically acclaimed for its weird story and tight gameplay, it did not include a multiplayer mode. The new title, codenamed Condor, will be a four-player cooperative player-versus-environment game. Remedy did not mention any player-versus-player combat.

Condor will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, a step up from Control‘s launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Control protagonist Jesse explores the game's facility.

The co-CEOs of Digital Bros Group, which owns 505 Games, said in a statement that “As a multiplayer game, Condor has the potential to engage the gaming community in the long run.” This points to the potential for Condor to be a game-as-service with microtransactions, loot boxes, or other paid content.

Beyond Condor, Remedy and 505 Games are also planning to expand the Control franchise with bigger-budget games. The studios have “outlined high-level collaboration terms to further expand the Control franchise,” with more details to come in the future. It’s unclear what direction these sequels or future games will take, as no announcement has been made about the continuation or expansion of Control‘s story.

The game takes place within the Alan Wake universe, which also has another game in development. It appears as though fans of both Control and Alan Wake will have much to look forward to in the next several years.

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