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All weapon locations in Death’s Door

In the charmingly dark world of Death’s Dooryou take on the role of a crow just trying to do their job. That job, as it turns out, just so happens to be collecting souls and escorting them to the afterlife, whether they like it or not. While business has been slow, your adventure begins when you’re tasked with recovering something called a Giant Soul. Like most games, this seems like a simple task at first but quickly evolves into a dangerous adventure that will put all your skills to the test.

Taking inspiration from its previous game, Titan Souls, as well as more action-adventure titles like Zelda and Hyper Light Drifter, Death’s Door is all about skillful combat. No combat encounter can be won easily without putting some thought into your attacks, dodges, and ranged options. At the start, you only have your trusty Reaper’s Sword, and if you’re looking for a challenge, you could use it for the entire game. However, the other weapons in the game all have their own advantages that you may prefer — assuming you can find them, that is. Most of these weapons are tucked away in hidden areas, so let us show you where to find all the weapons in the cryptic world of Death’s Door

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Reaper’s Sword

The crow looking at a plaque on a cliff.

This is the standard, run-of-the-mill sword you begin the game with in Death’s Door. Obviously, you start with it, so there’s nothing you have to do to find or unlock it, and it is a good weapon to learn with. It is very balanced, with a base damage of 1, and it has a three-hit combo. The range is 2.5, and  the swing time is 0.4. These stats may not mean much at the start but will be very valuable when comparing the stats of later weapons.

Discarded Umbrella

As the description reads, “An umbrella is probably not very useful in combat … But it will keep your feathers dry in bad weather.” And that’s exactly right. This weapon is more of a joke, or perhaps included for people who want to do challenge runs, because it is by far the worst option in terms of stats. If you want to find it, either for the added challenge or just for completion’s sake, go to the Hall of Doors. From the main lobby, go up the staircase to the west and follow the path to the landing with a bench beside a water fountain and a lamppost. Examine the lamppost to find the Discarded Umbrella leaning up against it.

This weapon’s stats are:

Damage: 0.5

Swings: 3

Range: 2.5

Swing time: 0.4

In short, it is the exact same as your starting sword, only dealing half the damage.

Rogue Daggers

“A pair of keen blades that can inflict rapid strikes. These blades are often favored by Reapers that have defected from the Commission … or been fired.” Now onto the actually viable weapons, we have the Rogue Daggers. Like you would expect from daggers and the description, these light weapons are all about speed. They’re easily the fastest attacking weapons in the game but dealing slightly less damage per hit. If you like quickly chipping away at health bars, definitely give these a try.

You probably found these daggers naturally while progressing through Death’s Doorbut if not, backtrack to the Estate of the Urn Witch and use the Ceramic Manor door to come outside the manor. Go to the Southeast, passing through a gate, and you will spot the daggers on the ground by some hedges.

This weapon’s stats are:

  • Damage: 0.8
  • Swings: 6
  • Range: 1.8
  • Swing time: 0.35

Thunder Hammer

Death's door Urn Witch Mansion Room.

Essentially the opposite weapon type, we have the Thunder Hammer. The description reads: “A heavy powerful weapon imbued with lightning. Legends tell of a hammer like this being wielded by one of the old Gods, but their name is lost to time.” It’s fairly obvious what hammer and God this weapon refers to, and it is just as strong as you’d expect. Being so big, it is obviously slow, but the power and range of it make it great if you like to smash enemies to dust in just a few swings.

To find the Thunder Hammer, we first need to use the Mushroom Dungeon door and travel north. Take care of any mobs in the way until you hit a bridge, but don’t cross it just yet. There’s a ledge you can jump down that leads to another path heading east. Fight through some more enemies on your way, eventually turning south, where you’ll need to light two torches in order to proceed further south. A few more fights later, and you’ll come to a broken arch. Turn to the west, and climb down a ladder. Follow the path to another ladder you’ll climb, followed by a staircase leading to yet another ladder. Continue along until you’re outside the Overgrown ruins. Head north and climb this ladder to reach a lever you need to pull. Jump down to the now open gate, and break the crates beyond it to reveal a hole you can drop into and pick up the hammer.

  • Damage: 1.15
  • Swings: 2
  • Range: 2.5
  • Swing time: 0.5

Reaper’s Greatsword

Completely outclassing the Thunder Hammer, the Reaper’s Greatsword is just an all-around better heavy weapon option. This is the strongest weapon in the game, so long as you don’t mind the slower speed. The description describes it as, “An oversized Reaper sword, which weighs twice as much as a standard-issue blade and thus deals more damage at the expense of agility. The previous owner of this must have been very large …” Not only does it deal more damage than the hammer, which we’ll, of course, detail below, but it also has a longer reach, allowing you to attack from a safe (or safer, at least), distance.

Finding the Reaper’s Greatsword isn’t straightforward. First, you need to get the Hookshot and Bomb abilities and go through the Stranded Sailor door. Cross over the bridge and find the wooden stairway on the north side. Throw a bomb at the wall beneath the stairs to open a hole in the ground and drop down. You’ll find a button to hit and a plaque that reads, “Behind twin columns, a secret waits for thee.” Now, go up the same wooden stairs, and you’ll come to a three-way fork in the road. Go down the west path and drop a bomb between two columns next to a building. Enter the new hole, hit the button, and read the next plaque for another clue. “Where a giant face stares, a secret waits for thee.” Backtrack to the fork, and go north this time to find a big statue head. Bomb the wall it’s facing, go in, hit the button, and get your next clue that states, “Beneath a gargoyle, a secret waits for thee.”

Head back to the fork one more time, this time going east, and head up the stairs. Break through the icicles to reach the spot below a gargoyle, bomb the wall, and go inside to hit the last button. Now, head all the way back down the wooden stairs we started from and head south to the docks. At the end of the dock, you can use your Hookshot to cross the water. Go across a second gap and to a gate. Use the lever beside it to open it up, climb the ladder, and retrieve your Reaper’s Greatsword.

  • Damage: 1.25
  • Swings: 2
  • Range: 3
  • Swing time: 0.5

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