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Destiny 2: How to unlock the Jötunn Catalyst

Jötunn, the exotic fusion rifle in Destiny 2, is known for its ability to erase Hive wizards and oppose guardians in an instant. It’s a controversial weapon, one that can turn moderately skilled hands into a Guardian wrecking machine. And now it’s getting even better, with a brand new catalyst. We have everything you need to know about how to unlock the Jötunn Catalyst and what it does.




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What You Need

  • Destiny 2

  • Controller

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A text menu of the various Destiny 2 catalysts, identifying where to find the jötunn catalyst.
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Finding the Jötunn Catalyst

If you want to supercharge your Jötunn with the catalyst, then you need to spend time in Playlist Activities. That means launching either the Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit Playlists. The Jötunn Catalyst has entered the loot pool as a random drop from one of these activities. Which Playlist and difficulty don't seem to matter. Just start grinding (maybe grab some bounties to work on while you are there) and wait for your old friend Random Chance to smile upon you and drop the Catalyst into your inventory.

Two enemies are vaporized by a blast from Jötunn in Destiny 2.
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Powering up and using the Catalyst

Now that you have the Catalyst, equip it onto Jötunn. It needs to be Masterworked before its bonuses become available. This means you need to get 500 kills with Jötunn. You can take it slow and just let the kills accumulate over time, or you can find an area teeming with enemies that you can quickly redo again and again. The Shuro Chi encounter of the Last Wish raid is great for this sort of thing, as it throws a Taken hoard at you and gives you a banner to regenerate your ammo after every death. Or, just keep fighting nightmares in the Castellum aboard the Leviathan. Regardless of how you do it, fry your enemies until your kill counter hits 500.

So what do you get for a fully masterworked Jötunn Catalyst? It’s all about crowd control. The first bonus is faster charge time or draw time when surrounded by combatants. As charge time is the primary weakness of fusion rifles, that is huge. Then you get a perk where defeating a target spreads scorch to those nearby. Light up one bad guy, then watch it spread like wildfire. The radius of the scorch increases against guardians and more powerful foes, so this could be great for simultaneously doing DPS on a boss and clearing out the weaker adds.

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