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Is Diablo: Immortal cross-platform?

What, do you not own a phone? Jokes aside, Diablo: Immortal was thankfully spared the unfortunate fate of being a mobile exclusive game as it was originally intended to be at launch. While console players are still left out of the fun, you can at least choose to play this free title on either your smart device or PC. The PC and mobile platforms are quite different, with there being little debate over the fact that PC offers far better command over controllers, let alone touch controls.

For an action RPG, especially a free-to-play one, players will no doubt want to know if they can play with their friends regardless of what platform they choose to play it on. Beyond that, many will also want to know if Diablo: Immortal supports cross-progression as well, allowing them to bounce back and forth between the two platforms and pick up right where they left off. If you’re curious if Diablo: Immortal is cross-platform and has cross-progression, we’ve got the answers.

Does Diablo: Immortal support cross-platform play?

Diablo Immortal chatbox

Yes, Diablo: Immortal offers full cross-platform play between the mobile and PC versions of the game. You are free to party up with companions with a mix of both PC and mobile players whenever you wish. Better yet, you don’t need to do anything to enable this functionality, as long as you are playing with a free account and not as a guest. The only small restriction is that you can only play with players on the same server as you.

Does Diablo: Immortal have cross-progression?

Diablo Immortal interface

Again, yes, Diablo: Immortal smartly lets you carry your progress from one platform to the next with no hassle. Just like with cross-platform play, all you need to do is log in to the game using the same account on your mobile and PC devices to carry all your progress over from one system to the other. You can now fight the hoards of the undead with whoever you want, wherever you want, with no fuss!

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