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Is Path of Exile 2 cross-platform?

Path of Exile 2
Grinding Gear Games

After Diablo 3 fumbled the bag, we needed a new ARPG to fill the void Diablo 2 left in our souls. Path of Exile answered that call and then some. It didn’t just give fans what Blizzard failed to deliver but kept on supporting and adding to the game for close to a decade. Path of Exile 2 wasn’t even supposed to be a sequel at first, but when the scope became so large that it couldn’t fit as an expansion, it was spun off into a full release.

Path of Exile 2 hasn’t forgotten what made the first game so much fun, and a large part of that was adventuring and fighting with friends online. The new addition of couch co-op is awesome, but what about players who need to team up online? The first game slowly rolled out to all platforms, but the sequel is hitting both consoles and PC at once, so you need to be up to date on if it has cross-platform support.

Does Path of Exile 2 have cross-platform support?

Fear not, Exiles, because Path of Exile 2 will feature complete crossplay support. No matter if you are on PlayStation with a friend on Xbox and another on PC, or any other combination, you will all be able to dive into the demented world of Path of Exile 2 together to grind levels and loot to your heart’s desire. It goes without saying, but obviously you can only play local co-op on the same platform since it requires both players to be on the same system.

Along with that, Path of Exile 2 also allows you to carry your progress between all platforms with cross-progression. That way you can move from console to PC and vice versa to see which version or control scheme you prefer. In fact, as long as you create your own account when starting a local co-op game, you can even take that character off that system and play on your own if you test the game out with a friend before downloading it yourself.

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Is Stardew Valley cross-platform?
Stardew Valley Multiplayer Fishing

Stardew Valley is a game made by just one person, but it has seen more success than most games made by dozens, or even hundreds, of people. It's even one of Digital Trends' top 50 video games of all time. Since its release in 2016, the game has been updated regularly with new features and content to keep its avid fans coming back. This includes an online multiplayer component that allows you and up to three friends to hang out on each other's farms. And with the recent trend of games allowing players on different platforms to join together, you may wonder if Stardew Valley offers cross-platform functionality. Here's everything we know about cross-platform support in Stardew Valley.
Is Stardew Valley cross-platform?
Stardew Valley does not offer cross-platform support, meaning you can't play online multiplayer between any of the systems the game is on. So if you want to team up with some friends, make sure you all are playing on the same platform, such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, or PC. Also be aware that whoever starts a multiplayer game is saving that shared world locally, meaning no one else can reenter that world without the host present.

The sad fact of the matter is there doesn't seem to be any indication that crossplay will come to Stardew Valley. The game's official Reddit still lists it as not being supported, and there was only one mention of it by the developer on Twitter back in 2018, when he responded to a question asking if crossplay would come to the game. He replied, "Unfortunately, there will not be crossplay. Apparently, the technical barriers are very high. It's still something I really want to add and I promise to look into it more closely, but first priority is getting the update out there." This was many years ago, and there has been no further information about cross-platform play since, so it seems very unlikely that we will see support for this functionality come to Stardew Valley.

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Is Sea of Thieves cross-platform?
is sea of thieves cross platform featured

Sea of Thieves is a game that really only works with a group of friends. Rare's live-service pirate simulator is one of the best co-op games available today, allowing you to put together a swashbuckling crew to take to the high seas, raid rival ships, and hunt for treasure. Thankfully, you don't need to be on the same system to put together such a crew. Here's everything you need to know about Sea of Thieves' cross-platform support.
Is Sea of Thieves cross-platform?

Yes, Sea of Thieves supports cross-platform play across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5. That includes both the Windows 10 and Steam versions on PC, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions. In short, if you have a platform that can play Sea of Thieves, it supports crossplay.
How to use Sea of Thieves crossplay

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Is Manor Lords cross-platform?
Two armies clash in Manor Lords.

Building and managing your own medieval utopia is a lonely job. Sure, you have a population of citizens to grow and order around, but they can't compare with another actual human player. At least at launch, Manor Lords is a PC exclusive, and it's also going to be coming to Xbox consoles as well so even more people can get in on the city-building fun. We can expect basically any modern game to allow for cross-platform play, but what if Manor Lords is stuck in the Middle Ages? Here's everything you need to know about cross-platform support for the latest and greatest management simulator.
Is Manor Lords cross-platform?
Without beating around the bush, no, Manor Lords has no cross-platform support. Even when the game is available on Steam, PC Game Pass, and Xbox consoles, there will be no way to play with others on different platforms. In fact, you can't play with people on the same platform, either. Manor Lords has no multiplayer component whatsoever -- either co-op or competitive -- so there's no reason for this feature to be included.

Sadly, you shouldn't expect any multiplayer to come to the game later. A developer released an FAQ prior to the game's launch and responded to a question regarding multiplayer, stating: "The focus is on a refined single-player experience, with no multiplayer or cooperative modes planned at the moment."

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