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How to play multiplayer in Diablo: Immortal

Ever since Diablo 2, the action RPG series has been host to some of the most addicting and long-lasting games Blizzard has ever created. This is in no small part due to the ability for you and your friends to team up to challenge the forces of evil in ever-increasing difficulties, endless loot to plunder, and characters to level up and upgrade. With Diablo: Immortal, despite a rocky initial reveal, no one doubted that Blizzard would at least hold true to what made the series so fun for so long.




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What You Need

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Thankfully, our worries were for nothing. Diablo: Immortal is not only a fantastic Diablo game but just as fun to play with friends as any of the mainline entries we've had, if not even better. The fact that it is also free makes it that much easier to entice friends to give it a shot, whether or not they've played a Diablo game before. Diablo: Immortal lets you play the entire campaign with a group, and also has special co-op dungeons, as well as a PvP mode to test your skills against other humans.

The game is a little confusing in how you need to go about playing in these modes, with three options presented to you that aren't super clear. To help you gather your team, here's a full guide on how to play multiplayer in Diablo: Immortal.

Team battling a character in Diablo Immortal.
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How to play co-op in Diablo: Immortal

Since co-op is what most people will be drawn to in Diablo: Immortal, we'll start with how to get that started first. There are a few ways to play co-op depending on what you want to do. We'll start with the easiest ways: Adding friends or joining or creating a clan. However, you can also form a party with your friends or clan members for PvP as well.

Step 1: Joining an existing clan is the easiest, and cheapest, method of playing with your friends. Start by going to the game's main menu and selecting Create Clan in the upper right.

Step 2: Here, use the search bar to search or browse clans that have already been made.

Step 3: Find the one you want to join and select Apply.

Step 4: Once accepted, you will be a member of the clan and able to chat and team up with any members easily.

Step 5: To create a clan, you go to the same menu, but instead hit Create Clan.

Step 6: This requires you to have at least 100,000 gold, so can't be done without a bit of gold grinding.

Step 7: You can accept a maximum of 150 members for your clan.

An invitation screen for parties.
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Step 8: Friends work almost identically, except you would just hit the Friends button in your menu, add your friend, and then invite them using the icon just on the upper right of your screen.

How to play multiplayer with Warbands

Warbands work slightly differently than clans in Diablo: Immortal. These groups are much smaller, only holding eight players at most, and meant for teams that want to consistently play together. They work for both PvE and PvP multiplayer. The longer you stay in a Warband and the more you play together, the more rewards you all get. Here's how to make and join Warbands.

Step 1: In the main menu, select Warband near the bottom left of the options list.

Step 2: Like with clans, you can now choose to create or browse Warbands.

Step 3: To join a Warband, simply search and apply to join.

Step 4: To create a Warband, first hit Create Warband.

Step 5: Here you will fill out details, such as the Warband's name, objective, and times of day you want members to be active.

Step 6: When done, just hit Create Warband and you're done!

Two characters joining a party.
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How to play multiplayer using Proximity Party

Proximity Party is basically Diablo: Immortal's random matchmaking system. This is a way for people who aren't part of a clan or Warband to still team up to take on difficult areas. It is simple to use, but reliant on other players being around and willing to team up with other random players, so your mileage will vary.

Step 1: Simply stand in the area, or just outside the dungeon, where you want to form a party.

Step 2: Open your menu and hit the Party Finder button.

Step 3: Select Party Finder again and wait for the slots to fill up.

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