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Hideo Kojima’s mysterious new project features Elle Fanning

Hideo Kojima appears to be working with actress Elle Fanning as part of his next project. The gaming icon shared a teaser image for what fans assume is his next game that features the actress.

Kojima began dropping a few hints about his next project starting at the Tokyo Game Show last month, with a poster of a girl that said, “Who am I?” During PAX Australia this weekend, Kojima finally revealed the “who” and it turns out that it’s Fanning. The actress has starred in the Maleficent films and the Hulu series The Great.

Next up, it seems like Kojima will reveal where his next project takes place, as he unveiled a poster that says, “Where am I?” It’s most likely that he’ll announce the setting of his game at an upcoming show, such as The Game Awards 2022 on December 9. It also looks like after the “where” reveal, Kojima has one detail to share.



Kojima Productions is currently working on several projects. Kojima confirmed earlier this year that he’s collaborating with Microsoft and Xbox on a game that will leverage cloud technology. Actor Norman Reedus has also seemingly confirmed that a sequel to 2019’s Death Stranding is in production, but so far there hasn’t been any official announcement.

There are two rumored code names floating around: Overdose and Ocean. The former is possibly the cod ename for Kojima’s Xbox project and is seemingly a horror game. The latter seemingly refers to Death Stranding 2, which is reportedly in development under Sony.

A single-player-focused follow-up to Death Stranding was reportedly in development at Google, but was canceled.

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