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How to craft a glider in Enshrouded

Games like Enshrouded may technically be called survival games, but they’re just as much about exploring and traveling. In this game especially, the world is treacherous and likely to drain your health on even a simple trek if you’re not cautious. Aside from a limited inventory capacity, the other major hindrance at the start of the game is just the act of getting where you want to go. You can make a lot of tools, but a car or even a bike isn’t among them. However, you can take to the skies and soar over any potential danger if you make a glider. This will make all future quests far faster to complete, so listen up on how to make one for yourself.

How to craft a glider

A glider recipe in Enshrouded
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The glider is so useful that it would feel cruel if Enshrouded held it back from you for too long. Thankfully, you can get to making one once you’ve established a base, but not from your standard crafting menu. Once you’ve built a Workbench, select the Survival tab and scroll down to see the Glider. The most basic one you can make is level 5, which will move you at a speed of 10 for 4 stamina per second. The recipe is:

  • 8 Shroud Wod
  • 2 Animal Fur
  • 2 String
  • 2 Shroud Spores

Once you have a glider in hand, using it is a simple as getting to a high point, jumping off, and hit the Space Bar to activate it while in the air. Your stamina will gradually go down as you float, so keep a close eye on it or you might hit the ground a little sooner and a lot harder than you were expecting.

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