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ESO High Isle: Where to find Volcanic Vents, rewards, more

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is now available on all platforms, giving adventurers a new story to unravel, new characters to meet, and a new region to explore. But if you’re looking for something a bit more free form than High Isle’s lengthy main quest, consider checking out some Volcanic Vents.

These new encounters spring up spontaneously throughout the land, offering intense battles that give nearby players a reason to drop what they’re doing and lend their swords, staves, and bows to the action. Before diving into the fray, here’s what you need to know about Volcanic Vents in ESO.

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What are Volcanic Vents

Players attacking enemies during a Volcanic Vent event.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Volcanic Vents are a new world event introduced in The Elder Scrolls: High Isle. These put you up against a variety of enemies before finally going against a deadly boss. Complete the challenge, and you’ll be rewarded with a Volcanic Cache — a treasure chest loaded with loot.

There’s a good bit of lore to discover about Volcanic Vents, as the game gives you a chance to work with Stonelore druids to figure out why these disturbances keep cropping up. Volcanic Vents are also specific to High Isle and Amenos, meaning you won’t be able to find them in other regions of Tamriel (and you’ll need to have purchased the High Isle Chapter to access them). And while it’s possible to solo a Volcanic Vent, you’ll get the best experience if other nearby players join in or if you tackle them with a large group.

Where to find Volcanic Vents

There are seven Volcanic Vents scattered throughout the Systres Archipelago. Four of them are located on High Isle, while three more are buried deep in the jungles of Amenos. Once discovered, they’ll appear on your map as tiny whirlpool icons.

Below you’ll find a map of High Isle with all four Volcanic Vent locations circled.

Map of High Isle with Volcanic Vent locations circled.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

And here are the three Volcanic Vents on Amenos.

Map of Amenos with Volcanic Vent locations circled.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Keep in mind that Volcanic Vents aren’t always active. However, one of the seven is typically active at all times. To find which one is currently active, check your map for a whirlpool icon with crossed swords. This indicates an active vent and one that you’ll want to head towards immediately.

How to complete Volcanic Vents

Volcanic Vents work like most other world events in ESO. When a vent becomes active, the location will be overrun with enemies. Ideally, you’ll have a bunch of other players gathered nearby to help slay the fire-based beasts. Once you’ve cleared out several waves of smaller enemies, you’ll go up against a semi-random boss — although they’re likely to feature some sort of fiery moveset.

There’s no special trick to completing Volcanic Vents. Simply work as a team to bring down the enemies as fast as you can. You’ll also need to look out for fire hazards, which will be indicated on the ground by a giant red circle. If you can boost your fire resistance with gear or other items, you’ll have a better chance of surviving the event.

Clearing mobs is the easiest part of Volcanic Vents. But once you’re up against a boss, it helps to have a bit of a strategy. This will vary depending on the specific boss ESO throws your way, but most bosses can be taken down using the following basic strategy:

  • If you’re a melee player, never stop hammering away at the boss. If they signal an incoming attack (identified by a red circle), roll out of harm’s way, then move back in to continue the assault.
  • If you’re a ranged player, focus on both picking off any remaining mobs and attacking the boss. Also keep an eye on any healers in your group, as they might need some help fending off enemies.
  • If you’re a healer, keep spamming your skills on your melee companions. You’ll probably need to stay mobile, as smaller enemies love to target you during this final phase.

After bringing down the final boss, you’ll be rewarded with a Volcanic Cache. These offer a variety of goodies, including Tales of Tribute deck fragments, gear, high-level crafting components, and more.

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